Tunnel Vision “Days Away” Album Review by Josh – reggae-360

So 20 minutes ago I finished listening to Tunnel Vision’s new album “Days Away.” I was nice and stoned so the personal concert happening in my truck was full of off the wall dance moves and skankin. These Cali natives know how to make party music. It’s a perfect blend of Ska Punk and Reggae Rock. You can get in the pit at their show but you can also sing loud and proud to “Hop in the Van” a song I personally thought was my favorite off their album. It simulates the homies picking each other up in the shitty van for the local shows. Even though that van is shitty its reliable and that’s where all the memories are made. The song has a softer easy flow vibe to it. A masterpiece you can sing to, dance to, and smoke to most importantly. Another song that stood out was “Days Away.” A song about Hayden Hanson’s discovery of music. He sings about his love for writing music and how the band doesn’t care about being rich and famous, they just wanna play music to fans who love and appreciate it. 

Tunnel Vision fits a sound of Ska Punk. With heavy riffs and distortion these guys can get the party started at any backyard bash. Tanner Payan on drums fucking slaps that snare harder than my mom when she found my joint in my room. This dude kills on the drums no doubt about it. Before going to any of their shows, be prepared for a sore morning. Besides the pit, you might have whiplash from too much headbanging. Listen to these guys when you skate, surf, drink, smoke, have sex, fight people, whatever the occasion, Tunnel Vision gets it going.

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