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There’s thousands of people out in the world who sell “handmade jewelry.” Which usually ends up being the same designs you see everywhere else just in a different color. I have never been one for necklaces or accessories, until I discovered Totally Nuts Creations. Based out of Central Florida, this team of 3 creates jewelry of any kind completely out of the shell of a coconut. From car pendants to necklaces, these guys do it all. They differ from other companies by their effort and focus into each one-of-a-kind piece. You can have whatever you want customized and painted to your own preference. I decided I’d give it a try and put in an order for a “Shaka” with “Locals Only” carved into the palm, a design I had the idea for that Loni Prenitzer, TNC’s artist, put onto paper. We didn’t even have to edit anything, Loni hit it right on the nail with her sketches. Once I gave the green light, Mike “Hickel” Way begins harvesting coconuts straight from the tree. The coconut is then drained cut and carved into the desired shape. Loni then engraves and paints the shaka and does any last-minute touch ups. This was the final result:

With the piece being finished, Hickel’s daughter Coren, sets up the pieces to be photographed and displayed throughout social media. With the help of local bands like Seranation, TNC grows by the day! Bianca Schlosser, bassist and backup vocals for Seranation, shares her thoughts on her own “Seranation” necklace.


“The reason I love Totally Nuts Creations is because it is such an original concept and they put so much detail into every piece they make. I have never been a huge jewelry person but I wear my necklace every day. It goes well with any outfit and I get so many compliments since it is the only one of its kind! Even when I am on tour in a land locked state I wear it and it makes me think of the beach back home. Its mad of coconuts so how could you not! Knowing the people behind it all makes it that much more special. They are amazing and kind people, and Coren is such a sweetheart! I recommend Totally Nuts Creations to anyone because they WILL make you a piece you love at any cost! They are the best at what they do!”



Despite making custom pieces to your desire, the TNC team creates their own designs to remind them of home. Florida beaches are home to many local and talented reggae bands. TNC hopes to capture the vibe put out on the coasts of Florida. With pieces shaped like palm trees, tiki heads, and waves painted red gold and green, these guys have the necklace to wear to your next concert.




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~Josh Bennett ~ Reggae 360 Writer

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