The Vibesmen – Endless – Album Review by Josh Bennett

After talking with the guys’ about future plans such as new music, I was ecstatic to learn they had a 2nd album in the works. I was fortunate enough to give it a listen before its release this Saturday, July 28th. As with any review of an album, I listened from start to finish. Simply said…It fucking SLAPS!!  Nick Depietro on vocals is the first aspect of the 5 piece band that stood out to me the most, producing a voice of passion and power. He truly leaves it all on each track of the album. My favorite song currently is “The Spot” featuring previous Vibeman Luke Turner slapping the bass harder than my ex-girlfriend did me. My only complaint is that we need more music! 9 tracks didn’t get me my fix. I would’ve loved to keep listening. I felt like their studio tracks resembled the same energy they would produce when performing live!
In my opinion, no one band is the same as another. Music is like a fingerprint, although songs and bands can be very similar, nothing is exactly the same. With that being said, The Vibesmen very much remind me of 311. They produce the sound of reggae while also flaring in rock and face melting solos!  Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a copy of “Endless” July 28th!!!
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