Slightly Stoopid – Everyday Life, Everyday People – Album Review by Josh Bennett “Stoopid”


The other day I woke up to a text from Mark, founder of Reggae 360.  It said “Hey man you’re ugly but do you wanna do the Stoopid album review? Nobody is more creepily obsessed with Stoopid than you.” I was too stoked to be offended.  Its true though, Slightly Stoopid is my favorite band of all time, hands down, no argument.  With that being said their previous album, “Meanwhile…Back at the Lab” was not their best album however it did have a few great songs like the official studio version of the historical “The Prophet” and other fire-ass songs like “This Version” and “Come Around”.  I was worried this new album could lack that same fire from albums like “Everything You Need” or “CTTS”.  This was not the case.

“Everyday Life, Everyday People” was a damn masterpiece.  It was worth the 3 year wait for sure!  This album featured LEGENDS like, Ali Campbell of UB40, Yellowman the King Of Dancehall, and Alborosie all making their Stoopid feature debut. Making their returns we have G. Love, Chali 2na, and the always amazing Uncle Don Carlos! Besides features, we finally have a studio version of the song “Glocks,” first released when the band performed it for the first time on “Live at Robertos TRI Studios”.  Miles introduced it as “their new little jam,” and a jam it was.

Currently, my favorite song off the new album is “Livin’ in Babylon” featuring Yellowman! Such a great track with enough energy for everyone to skank to.  We were also blessed with a redux of “Nobody Knows” off their 6th album “Chronchitis”.  It features the use of the chorus with new lyrics on the verses.

The last song released as a single before the full album release was “One More Night”.  A song that really caught my attention due to the lyrics and their meaning.  With lines like “its hard to be in another place, when I need you here with me” and “Another day, another try, when I call you on the phone, let you know I’m still alive”.  Its clear the guys miss spending time with their families, and touring the country and sometimes the world, is preventing that. Being that it’s also the last song on the album, are they hinting at possibly retiring soon?  20+ years is a long time and I wouldn’t be surprised if we received news of retiring or at least taking a break from tour.

Be sure to pick up their new album “Everyday Life, Everyday People” available however the fuck you listen to your music.  Vinyl, CD, Digital, Cassette whatever, get that shit!

“Slightly Stoopid love you all but remember…JAH love you more and thats for sure!!”
-Uncle Don Carlos

~~~ The last thing I want to cover is not music related.  The cover art for this album is definitely one of my favorites of all time.  If features the band name in the swell of a wave with a few houses on a cliff overlooking the sea and sunset.  Most likely in Ocean Beach, Stoopid’s hometown.  Shoutout to Jay Alders on the amazing job!



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