New Music! Audic Empire featuring Vana Liya – Don’t Wait Up

Austin, Texas-based band – Audic Empire is thrilled to announce the launch of their highly anticipated single, “Don’t Wait Up” featuring Vana Liya from New York. Vana Liya kills it in the song, singing harmonies and as she comes in on the second verse with, “I’m living my life on the road trying to have some fun,” expressing how she hopes to make it to the top and go for her dreams. Which she has most certainly been doing as a newly signed artist with LAW Records.

“Don’t Wait Up” is written by Ronnie Bowen, singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist of Audic Empire. He says the lyrics to “Don’t Wait Up” were inspired by how “in a relationship knowing that our time is running out but we’re too blessed to be stressed and you can’t wait up on anyone or anything if you are going to go for your dreams.” The single was produced by multi-gold record producer James Wisner in association with Silverback Records. He has worked with chart-topping artists such as Slightly Stoopid, Usher, Amy Winehouse, and many more. Recording engineers include Carver Ripley, Ronnie Bowen, and Paul Ramsey.

Audic Empire is extremely excited to announce that as of May, 3rd 2019 their fans are able to enjoy “Don’t Wait Up” on YouTube and the band’s official website  as well as on all online music platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and more.

A little more about the band…

Audic Empire’s sound has been described as a mix of Bradley Nowell from Sublime with a 311 presence and a touch of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar. To their fans, they are one of a kind band with an energetic and unique sound. They always put on a high-intensity performance and they have an astonishing sound with the contrast of their two singers, Ronnie Bowen, and James Tobias, their Hendrix influenced solo-guitarist Travis Brown, and rock solid rhythm section including Jess Leonard on drums, the psychedelic keys of Carver Ripley, and rapper/MC, Collin Gee, who is featured on the song, Peace & Harmony from their first album ‘Sativa Sunrise’ as well as Space Child and Root of All Evil (Money) from their second album ‘Indica Nights’.

Audic Empire has been featured on various radio stations, in paper and online magazines, and from many different newspapers over the years. They were nominated Album of the Year from Electric Magazine in 2018 and Band of the Year by the Austin and Houston Chronicles in 2017 and 2018. Audic Empire was featured in Welcome 2 Austin magazine, in an article that says of them: “A reggae/rock band with feel-good vibes, Audic Empire has chemistry unrivaled in the Austin reggae scene, and at their shows it’s palpable. Their excitement for the music and performing radiates through the crowd – Every person in the audience can feel it.” Houston, TX radio host and DJ, Jeremy Benson, of 94.5 The Buzz said during an interview of Audic Empire, “The feel of their music isn’t stuck to just one platform. Within the first few seconds of seeing them live, with the vocal harmonies, the groove between the bass and rhythm, all the different layers, you get lost in the music.”

Ronnie Bowen – Singer/Songwriter/Guitar
James Tobias – Singer/Songwriter/Bass
Travis Brown – Lead Guitar
Carver Ripley – Keys/synth/organ
Jess Leonard – Drums
Collin Gee – Vox/MC

Pre-Sale here!

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