Dirty Heads – Super Moon – Album Review by Jared LaFosse-Baker

Super Moon is the Dirty Heads seventh album and just like the other six, it does not disappoint. The band has really pushed the boundaries of what they can do in the studio and it really shows in this new album. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Dave Cobb this album has a mix of different sounds but overall you can really feel and hear the true Dirty Heads sound. When it was announced that they were going to use a country producer fans of the Dirty Heads were hesitant but I feel like this collaboration was perfect. Dave Cobb is a six-time Grammy Award-winning producer so he had a phenomenal track record for creating music that people really gravitate towards. He didn’t take the Dirty Heads sound to try and make it country like many people feared. He worked with their sound to make it bigger, with more layers, and unique vibes. Coming into the studio with a blank slate allowed Dave Cobb and the Dirty Heads to work together to create a sound that would surprise themselves and open the band up to a new creative adventure.  

The album is set up like a story, and when you listen from start to finish it tells a tale of adventure, love, and self-discovery. From the moment it starts to the moment it ends you feel like you have been transported into a western from the future. It feels like the soundtrack for a Quentin Tarantino movie written by Hunter S. Thomas that takes place in the Cowboy Bebop universe. While the songs are organized in a specific order it creates the albums incredible story, each track tells its own tale, not just in the lyrics but the layers of instruments themselves. When you keep listening to the tracks you hear a new sound and element with every start-to-finish. All of the songs really show how these musicians took their time and really perfected the sounds. You can tell they stepped out of their comfort zone and it paid off. The sound of this album is so difficult to place in one category which is what I like about it the most.

This album has many great songs, but the three that stand out to me the most are ‘Tender Boy“, “Fear & Love“, and “Crow Bar Hotel“. “Tender Boy” transports you to the most chill lounge in the solar system. When I first listened to this song it made me feel like I was sitting on a cloud of pure joy. It relaxes you while giving you the vibes to get up and boogie. Between the relaxing melodic piano, to the smooth guitar riffs backing up the beautiful lyrics, this song exudes positivity and tells the listener to never give up despite the challenges around them. 

“Fear & Love” is a song with an incredible sound and message; simple, yet beautiful. With so many obstacles in life, it’s hard to recognize the love behind the fear, this song tells us to persevere and really try and push through the things that scare us to get to the things that really make us happy. Don’t let the fear drive you into the darkness, let love carry you forward. Stacking unique layers of sound are a staple within the album as a whole and this song is no different. From the jazz-like drum kicks at the beginning pairing well with the crisp guitar riffs. To the funky support chords. This song packs a good-time punch that every Dirty Heads fan can enjoy.

“Crow Bar Hotel” would have to be my bonfire on the beach with good family and friends song. It exudes joy and fun from the upbeat lyrics to the classic Dirty Heads coastal life music that is the root of their sound. With bubbly keyboards, head-bopping guitar chords and skip-in-your-step whistle, it is the perfect cool summer night song. When I first heard this song it brought my mind to a place of happiness and relaxation. I hope this great tune can transport you to your own happy beach as it did for me. 

Overall Super Moon is an album with something for everyone. Fans of almost any genre of music will gravitate towards it. Whether it’s the beautifully stacked instrumentals or the creatively thought out lyrics and messages, I hope you find your own joy in every track. Get your feet off the beach and go get this album!




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