About Us



Formed in 2016, 360 is a collection of like-minded individuals that share a passion for any and all music that is or has been influenced by Reggae in some way shape or form. We support the culture, the business and the people who are progressing the art.  Focused on Reggae Rock and Roots Reggae, it’s our goal to spread good vibes and bring the people closer to the music.

Offering full scale artist management and booking services along with promotional and editorial content, 360 is focused on being a platform for artists to be heard and to grow.

We love collaboration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Meet the team:

Mark – Founder | Artist Management & Development

JB – Co-Owner | Podcast Director / Host

Evan Yarmo – Sound Tech | Podcast Host / Producer

Brett Coleman – Creative Director | Podcast Host

Tim Azzarano – Booking Director

Jenn Armstrong – Social Media Director

Vannesa Cubano – Artist Relations

Derek Opperman – Artist Management

Andrew Sandoval – Director of West Coast Operations | Photographer

Will Glass – Artist Manager

Jeff Kunz – Artist Manager

Tareita Nephew – Artist Manager

Jared Lafosse-Baker – Artist Relations

David Shaw – Artist Relations | Playlist Curator

Sid Rhea – Graphic Design

Pat Douglas – Writer


Hit us up! firstname@reggae360.com


One Mission. One Love.