An Exclusive Look into Shapes of a Soul – By Jessica Shvarts

“I can see the shapes of our dreams with the shapes of us all, the Shapes of a Soul…”

As Roots of a Rebellion shared in an interview with Reggae 360 last month, this Nashville-based band has been putting out music that aims to shine a light on the human experience. And they continue to stay true to this purpose while building on their successes to date. Last week, Roots of a Rebellion announced their upcoming new album, Shapes of a Soul.

Shapes Of A Soul

Thoughtfully named, Shapes of a Soul represents the band’s continuous effort to get outside of themselves. “Our aim is to create something bigger than any one of us can as an individual,” shares Austin Grimm Smith, guitarist and lead vocalist. “Our medium is music. Our sound is reggae. Our message is collective growth.” Appropriately so, the first single released off this upcoming record also sports the same name. Available everywhere music is streamed or purchased, Reggae 360 was also fortunate enough to recently capture an acoustic session, as well as an interview, with this sextet prior to their show at Pipe Dream Brewery in Londonderry, NH. “Shapes of a Soul” was the first of several stripped-down tunes they performed:

While Roots of a Rebellion proudly identifies with the reggae influences that brought them all together in 2011, this upcoming album will stretch into the unexpected for Roots of a Rebellion fans, delivering some flavors of Soul, Hip-Hop, Americana, and more…we can’t give up too much information prior to the May 31st release date. However, with five songwriters, a plethora of tunes that were written as long as five years ago, and over forty tracks that were whittled down to fifteen tracks, there’s bound to be little something for everyone, and (hopefully) some surprises along the way.

Pre-order the album, Shapes of Soul, now (and get a little sampling of the new sounds) here. Available everywhere on May 31st, 2019. Stream and save the first single, “Shapes of a Soul,” on Spotify and follow Roots of a Rebellion on social media to stay in the know about upcoming news, such as their upcoming tour dates around the East Coast and Midwest, followed by a West Coast tour supporting Through the Roots!


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