Reggae 360 welcomes Audic Empire. A band that blends many genres which creates a sound so unique, you can’t help but fall victim to each song.

Audic Empire first started out as an idea between Ronnie Bowen and James Tobias in late 2010, the idea and dreams of a Reggae-Rock band started becoming a reality in late 2012 when they began recording their EP in the spare bedroom of their home.  Since then they have been turning heads in the Austin music scene with their psychedelic, Reggae-Rock and feel good tunes. They have a high-intensity performance and an astonishing sound with the contrast of two singers (Ronnie Bowen &  James Tobias), their Red Hot solo Guitarist (Travis Brown), and rock solid rhythm section (Jess Leonard) that includes feel-good psychedelic keys (Carver Ripley). Audic is on the rise with their latest album, ‘Indica Nights‘ released in October of 2018. A magical journey that pairs a psychedelic feel with reggae, adding in some slick guitar solos, southern rock and topping it all off with a touch of hip-hop. This needs to be added to your collection.

Their first album ‘Sativa SunRise‘ was released on iTunes and Google Play on June 2nd, 2015, they have also released their Sativa Sunrise EP which became available on Bandcamp in September of 2013. You can listen and download Audic Empire from Spotify, iTunes, reverbnation, bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud.

With the rapid growth of their reggae-rock sound, Audic Empire is on the rise with their journey to produce a unifying sound wave of love and music.



Audic Empire  |  Spotify  |  iTunes  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  YouTube  |  The Empire

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