Gentleman’s Dub Club – Lost in Space – Album Review by Angel Raygoza

Following up on the greatly received “Dubtopia”, Gentleman’s Dub Club are back with a new release from Easy Star Records. This time around, they take us on a groovy trip through the black with “Lost in Space”.

Gentleman’s Dub Club kicks off the album with “Lost in Space”; a surreal and out-of-this-world psychedelic moment that elevates the listener to that trippy place in space that the GDC is lost in.

Blasting off right into “Light the Fuse”, GDC have decided to take action! This is an anthem about wanting something so bad that you have no choice but to make it happen. “There’s a ringing in my ears and it won’t go… I feel the pressure on my heart and it won’t slow!”

The trippy single “Stardust” makes you move and grove as GDC’s Jonathan Scratchley describes their desire to get Lost in Space. With lyrics like “Cuz I just saw the Earth disappear in my rearview mirror, I’m so Armstrong as the Buzz gets clearer,” (a super clever nod to the first moonwalkers), it starts to seem more and more as if getting lost may actually be the destination for this trip. The song also includes lyrical nods to the psychotropic pioneers The Doors and Jimi Hendrix like only GDC could deliver. An instant classic!

GDC brings it down with some heavy bass grooves for “Ground Shakin’”. This song explores the feelings of being lost, and the beauty in just going with the flow. “I can feel the ground shakin. And even though I’m a stranger here, it makes me feel alright.” There’s something unidentified up ahead, but rather than tremble in fear, GDC chose to walk towards it.

Next stop is “Out of the World”, a song about escaping the real world into the unknown with the one you love. Again, the theme of boldly going into the dark and unknown is explored, with lyrics like “Let’s get out of this world, into the night. Where there’s black, there is gold,” GDC again reminds the listener that the unknown does not have to be a scary place. Here, GDC treats us to an amazing showcase of their powerful horn and bass lines. Easily one of my favorite songs off the new album.

The album takes a turn with this Dub instrumental. In “God of War”, GDC treats the listener to a kaleidoscope of sound, with epic brass solos by Kieren Gallagher (Sax) and Mat Roberts

(Trumpet/Trombone). While the song does not have any words, it manages to set a militant vibe, as if to prepare the listener for what is coming next.

We see GDC return to their mission and persistence with songs like, “Turning Back” where GDC declares “Ain’t no turning back! Get ready cuz we on the attack!”. In “Eye of the Storm” again they show their fearlessness, even in the unknown with lyrics like “I throw caution to the hurricane” and “I feel safe, even in the chaos”. Finally, in “Intergalactic”, GDC makes it clear that getting lost in space was all part of the plan (“We’re going hyperspace to another galaxy!”).

Finishing off the trip is one of the most heartfelt moments on the album. Accompanied by amazing vocals by Winston Francis, GDC uses their amazing harmonies and throwback groves in “Walking Away”, a song about the pain and heartbreak that comes with doing something that you were not ready to do, but know you have to. “I don’t want to live a lie, so I’m gonna say good-bye. My future is in my hands, so I’ve got to make new plans.”

From blast off to the final landing, Gentleman’s Dub Club “Lost in Space” manages to take us on a trip through uncertainty and darkness, all while keeping an unshaken belief that everything will be ok. This message of fearlessness in the face of the unknown reminds the listener that there is often beauty in just going with the flow and that getting lost isn’t so scary after all.

Gentleman’s Dub Club – LOST IN SPACE is OUT NOW! Make sure you check it out on Spotify, Google, Pandora, or wherever you’re listening! Prepare yourself for an out-of-this-world trip you don’t want to miss!

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Released 1.25.19


Track Listing

1. Lost In Space (Intro)

2. Light The Fuse

3. Stardust

4. Ground Shakin’

5. Out Of This World

6. God Of War

7. Turning Back feat. Million Stylez

8. Eye Of The Storm

9. Intergalatic

10. Midnight Healing

11. Walking Away feat. Winston Francis

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