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When it comes to the Florida reggae scene there are plenty of names that come to mind, such as Kash’d Out, Resinated, Artikal Sound System, The Supervillains, Summer Survivors, DJ Badda Skat, and SOWFLO. One name that is missing from that list is Seranation. Florida based Seranation is comprised of Joseph (Jay) Carter Gleason on the mic, Adam Hocker and Matt Knabe on guitar, Bianca Schlosser on bass, and Josh Baron on drums. Its lineup is young and full of energy which translates to their music ever so well. Luckily for us listeners of reggae, Seranation is dropping a new single Friday, October 25th entitled “Dangerous“. Jay and Bianca were kind enough to sit down with Reggae 360 to give the inside scoop on “Dangerous“. While giving a recap of the past few months which was packed with two back to back tours: The Rip Tide Tour and the aptly titled Blessings Tour, in which they tagged along with SOJA, Sublime with Rome, Michael Franti & Spearhead and Common Kings.

To say Seranation has been busy is an understatement. Schlosser states that after the tours it was right back to work in the studio, but that isn’t to say the tour didn’t come with some memorable moments, which differed quite a bit from some of its previous shows. Schlosser said “Every tour we’ve been on has been amazing because the real highlight is meeting all the fans, but when you go from playing small clubs to amphitheaters and arenas, it just feels different. Especially when you are on tour with bands you’ve looked up for years, the stakes are higher and you just feel it is time to step up to the plate and bring your best [to] every show.”

Moving up from small clubs and beach bars to amphitheaters and arenas is no easy task. Especially when playing a venue as iconic as Red Rocks Amphitheater but Gleason spoke on behalf of the size and scope of the band’s debut performance at Colorado’s music mecca. “Performing at Red Rocks was an amazing experience the beauty and sheer magnitude of the venue steals your breath. (Along with the altitude!) Being there with bands we have all looked up to our whole lives was a dream come true. It all happened so fast and to be out there with such legends had an effect that will last with us forever, [we] can’t wait to get back out there and do it again.


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While on the Blessings Tour the band joined forces with one of the most recognizable names in the genre, Rome Ramirez and LD from Sublime with Rome, and paired together with the mega minds, they all wrote “Dangerous” within the matter of a night. “The song actually came to be because Rome and LD invited us on their bus while we were on the Blessings Tour one night after our show in Seattle. They showed us an instrumental track they wanted to collab on with us [and] we loved it right away. We wrote the hook together right there on the spot and the rest of the song wrote itself.” Schlosser told Reggae 360. She concluded by saying “This song is different than anything we’ve ever written and we are excited for our fans to hear it. We strive to keep evolving as a band and never get boxed into one style so I feel this song definitely reflects that.”

When asked what the story was behind the song, Gleason states that the song is about heartbreak, the only catch is that it’s from the perspective of the heartbreaker. He also gave a preview of what was in store for Seranation in 2020. He told Reggae 360 “New music, new tours [and] new fans. Along with a whole lot of love and good vibes.

And though Seranation is evolving, the band is still learning everything there is to know about the ever-changing music business. In her closing thoughts, Schlosser said “I feel even if you think you have it figured out, the rules change and as a band, you have to adapt.” However, the art of the song is still at the forefront of the band’s songwriting process. She goes on to say “I’ve learned that it is truly all about the songs. You can do everything right but if you don’t have well-written songs that resonate with people, It won’t last.” She concluded her thoughts by stating the importance of a band carving its own path. “The music business is not one size fits all. It’s easy to compare yourself to others in the same business but you just have to stay the course and be authentic in how you do it. Find your path and stick with it.

Be sure to take a listen to “Dangerous” when it drops on TIDAL Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud on October 25. Until then, stay positive, and spread the good vibes.

-Brendan 360


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