Higher Education – Summer Of Love – Song Review by JB

As a band on the rise, Higher Education represents the booming Maryland reggae rock scene as strong as anyone doing it. Their music provides listeners with heavy doses of “psychedelic soaked reggae with raw, riotous rock n roll”. Their style has an undeniable smoothness while maintaining an edge that you can’t quite put your finger on. They have an accomplished body of work having put out 4 independent records with a 5th full studio album set to drop Fall 2019. In addition to their talent and grind it’s also worth noting that they have shared the stage with reggae rock heavy hitters like Fortunate Youth, The Movement, Ballyhoo!… The list goes on.

To build off of their past success, and perhaps to give us a glimpse of things to come, these boys have decided to bless the people with a new stoke inducing summer single aptly titled “Summer of Love”. Reggae 360 had the honor of getting a sneak peak and we felt absolutely compelled to share our take on this song with you.

Summer of Love starts beautifully with an old eerie sample perhaps foreshadowing a transportation back in time. Sure enough, the first words hit- “I take you back to a time when we were younger…” It becomes very clear that this song is a nostalgic ballad that reminds us of summertime love, lust, and infatuation. For the most part, we can all relate to having that one girl (or guy) that we spent a youthful summer vibing with in one way or another. For me, it was my high school neighbor Sarah H; laaawd have mercy she was a bad one. It’s crazy how this song can rekindle feelings from a decade ago; at least that was my experience.

Even on a technical level, this song shines. I love the layered vocals, the lyrical storytelling and the on-point flow. Featuring a dub heavy vibe “Summer of Love” is laced with wild guitar riffs and smooth melodies resulting in a full body musical high. The vibes are very strong with this one. It is an absolute summer banger that should be played at high volumes during all cookouts, bonfires, or get togethers that involve drinking from a red solo cup.

Final verdict: Serious contender for “2019 Summer Anthem”. Must buy. Must Stream. Must listen.

If you haven’t already, check these boys out.




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