INTERVIEW! w/Resinated

If you’ve never been to Florida, this place is in a never-ending summer. The best way to beat the Florida heat might be a nice cold drink, or a day at the beach or in the water, but ask any FL reggae head their favorite way to cool off and they’ll toss ya a Resinated CD. Did that make sense?? These dudes are cooler than cool! Resinated can hit any city in Florida and be met with so much love and support as well as a sea of people to sing along about a sickness for more reefer.

Hailing from the gulf side in St Petersburg, Resinated has released one full-length album and several EPs securing themselves a spot on the map of Florida. Their music contrasts from up-tempo hits that’ll get your booty shakin’ and romantic love songs to make you grab the one you cherish. They truly are an amazingly talented lineup with a love for all genres of music.

I had the opportunity to sit down with frontman Kenny Mullins and keyboardist Jeff Applefield at the House of Blues Orlando to discuss their last few releases, touring and expanding to other states and more! Please show your support for this amazing 5 piece by following them on social media and streaming their tunes! Be on the lookout for new Resinated tunes coming very soon!

One Mission. One Love.

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