Introducing Artikal Sound System and the premiere of Buju Banton’s Love Sponge Cover and Crave You – By JB


The fusion of different styles and unique sounds is what makes modern American reggae rock such an interesting genre and in a world of mainstream musical monotony there is nothing more refreshing then finding a fresh and new sound. Right now, in South Florida, that new sound is being created by none other than newly evolved reggae rock band Artikal Sound System. If you have been a fan of the Caribbean reggae scene then you should be familiar with the name but over the past 8 months the band has added a new element to their design that is changing the game; her name is Logan Rex. Logan has a rare voice and a dynamic stage presence; imagine the swagger of a young Gwen Stefani and the rich vocal range of Amy Winehouse. High praise I know, but the hype is real. Take that and add it to the well-respected and well connected talents of Fabian Acuna, Chris Montague, Chris Cope, Jayme Glusman, and Adam Kampf. The result is a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before and a band that is ready to propel the South Florida reggae rock scene to the next level. Look no further than their website to see evidence of the good vibes on display in a recent backyard acoustic performance of the song “Changes”; a newer song with lyrics co-written by Logan and guitar man Chris. Leaning on years of experience working with some of the biggest Caribbean reggae artists these guys know what is takes to get to the upper echelon of their craft. Now with Logan on board and their target set on conquering the American reggae rock scene the sky is the limit.



This brings us to Buju Banton. It just makes sense that a band that has been built on a strong roots reggae and dancehall sound but has now added a vocalist with a dynamic voice would pay homage to such a cultural icon as Buju. Timing the release of “Love Sponge” a day after Buju’s birthday was no coincidence from a band who finds constant inspiration in Banton.  Hearing Logan belt the sweet lyrics of Love Sponge is a perfect example of what Artikal Sound System is capable of.  Artikal collectively says “Free Buju!”

The future is bright for this group. The future is bright for South Florida reggae. The future is bright fans of reggae rock. I can’t wait for new music for one of my new favorites. Thank you Artikal Sound System!

Check out the premiere of “Love Sponge” and “Crave You” below and show your love by following them on socials and checking them out at a show near you!!

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Buju Banton – Love Spong (Cover) Premiere


Flight Facilities – Crave You (Cover) Premiere



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