REVIEW! Over The Bridge – Dream’n Review by Jared LaFosse-Baker

Well I’m back people, reviewing another banger by the North Shore good-vibes band Over The Bridge (OTB). Dreamin’ is the second track the boys have released this year, but third out of a string of songs they will be putting out this year to compile into a prime post-pandemic album! This track like the others was recorded at Manchester NH’s own Revelry Studios. Produced by a Reggae 360 long time friend Joe Sambo, you can tell Joe had his fingers in the track for sure with his hypnotic chorus vocals and the general groovy vibe of the song.

The track is chock full of different layers. OTB does a great job weaving sounds together and with this one you can really hear it. With the help of Joe and the boys at Revelry, they were able to fill this song with funky guitar, heavy bass, solid drums, and still be able to hear each instrument’s contribution. Like a perfect sandwich, each bite gives all the flavors! Throughout the song you get these beefy brass sections, that meld with the chorus in such a way that gives that brass its own voice. These musicians never stop surprising me with new sounds and styles, and this track definitely displayed that with the end having a heavy sax solo to conclude this great song. 

The lyrics behind it are perfect for spring awakening vibes. Just a guy talking about the girl he is with. This is something we can all relate to, just feeling so much love for your partner that it feels like a dream. This message is something everyone can relate to. Even if you’re not in a relationship, just ending one, or starting a new one. It gives us hope and a sense of comfort. That feeling can also get you up on your feet and dancing around. That’s what I love about their music, it gets you thinking and dancing. A perfect combination!     

I got to ask the north shore boys some questions about the single so enjoy another sneak peak in their minds!  

JLB: Once you found out your song was number five on the iTunes Reggae charts less than

 a week after it dropped, what was the first thought that went through your minds?

OTB: HOLY SH!# we were totally surprised, extremely grateful, followed by the immediate thought of what do we do now?

The response and engagement being the most we’ve ever had on a release it felt great like we had finally caught break.

JLB: What are your favorite parts of this new song for you guys?

OTB: The production – Joe Sambo did a great job developing the vision for the song with us and bringing the idea to life. The song was written basically on the spot in studio at Revelry Studios during pre production recording. It was a real snapshot of how we both felt about our “significant others” at the time.

JLB: This song had such a good vibe to it, what do you hope your fans get out of the track?

OTB: It’s a fun uplifting tune, one we hope our fans will turn on, turn up, and vibe! Dancing is strongly encouraged.

JLB: With this track being chock full of different elements how did you go about choosing the

different sounds for it like the powerhouse horns section?

OTB: The horns – Jonathan Bousquet and Anthony Prestigiovanni came to life during recording and they really took ownership in helping create the horn lines. Johnny absolutely smashed the solo which is in our opinion a stand out factor of the song’s success.

The guitar licks were written by Dave to fit the sexy, sultry vibe of the song. The idea was to make you really feel it in your plums if you know what we mean. 

JLB: Now that spring is here and summer is within reach, what’s next for OTB?

OTB: A LOT of work to do. Tons of new content, new music, shows/festivals and friends to make. The focus this year is capitalizing on this debut album, putting out the records and using it as an opportunity to grow our audience and fan base. 

Over The Bridge dropped Dreamin’ and the people love it! It’s full of good vibe sounds and uplifting lyrics that will get you dancing with your friends and family! Check it out on all your streaming services!

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