Mellow Mood “Large” Album Review by JB

How do you strike the perfect balance of smooth transcendent Reggae vibes, profoundly powerful song writing, and the type of rhythm that makes it impossible to resist moving your body to the beat? Honestly? I have no clue. Mellow Mood on the other hand have cracked the code. Rich in originality, their music has the rare ability to not only get a house party dancing but, in the same breath, make you think about your impact on the world and humanity as a whole. On April 6th they released their aptly titled album “Large”. Let’s think about that word, Large… In modern times, society wants everything LargeLarge capitalism. Large consumerism. Large Weapons. Large Money. Mellow Mood takes a stand against all of these things in a Large way. Each thought provoking song is carefully created to deliver a powerful message; none fall short. If you like roots reggae, you will absorb and appreciate these vibes. The group really delivers a well-crafted experience that displays their progression as a group and highlights their uniqueness. Hailing from Italy (yes, Italy), The Garzia twins Jacopo and Lorenzeo deliver precise lyrics over the beautiful sounds of Antonio Cicci (drums), Giulio Frausin (bass), and Filippo Buresta (keyboards). 

The first thing you notice about this project is the impeccable detail in the cover art. I did a little research and the same artist who put this concept together also did work for Chronixx and Anderson Paak. It’s clear these guys spared no expense and overlooked no aspect of delivering their vision to the listeners. Additionally, the band flexes their musical range by treating us to an array of rhythms, sounds, and styles. From the relatable melodic jam “Ms. Mary” that characterizes an oppressive landlord to the heartfelt “Daddy” which is song of gratitude towards a strong male father figure, Mellow Mood brings it!  There are so many hidden gems on this album; “It Can’t Work” and “Heart To No One” are two personal favorites.  

 The “Reggae Revival” is real and to see such talents coming from the other side of the pond is an in encouraging thing. It’s encouraging for the culture, for the people, and the future. Enjoy the art, people. Let Mellow Mood ease your mind with this brilliant compilation of GOOD VIBES.

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