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In a world where we are fighting a daily battle to overcome the hate, negativity, and separatism that seem to be spreading like a virus through our collective consciousness, we must make a point to celebrate the forces of good that galvanize the human spirit through art. If it’s positivity, love, and unity you seek then look no further than the modern day Reggae Revival.  In Jamaica, artists like Protoje and Chronixx deliver powerful messages of strength through their verses, but we must also recognize that the same force is brewing here in the United States.  Massachusetts resident Mighty Mystic was born in Jamaica but moved to the US when he was 10; he represents the Revival well by delivering a perfect blend of modern reggae rock energy and heavily rooted island reggae vibes.

February 1st Mighty Mystic will bless the people with his 4th studio album titled “Enter The Mystic”. On the surface this album seems like the perfect reggae banger to help maintain stoke and keep the vibes strong. Mighty Mystic is an incredibly talented musician who has found his groove and has been delivering consistently good music for years; he could have played it safe with this album. He could have, however playing it safe is not what Mighty Mystic stands for. Listening to his music you can tell that he is man who values progression, growth, and the human spirit. You can feel his evolution as an artist in each song on this instant classic.

The sound is crisp, the production is top notch, but the true strength of this album can be found in the message behind the music. Anyone with access to social media knows that the times we are living in are tricky. Now more than ever people need to be reminded that love and positivity are the core values that will conquer the evil lurking in the shadows of modern society. “Enter The Mystic” delivers righteous lesson after righteous lesson. Mystic has decided to drop knowledge by intertwining ancient truth and modern struggle. His words echo on each track like a prophet speaking his truth. Despite the heavy vibes, he still finds a way to achieve balance. Even with powerful thought-stimulating tracks like “Fighting with Love”, “Boomerang” and “False Trumpet” he still finds a way to deliver fun enjoyable wave-riders that you can vibe out to like “Only a Ninja” and “Enter the Mystic”. Mighty even takes the time to deliver a slow ballad laced with love in one of my personal favorite songs “If the world should end today”.

If you want a preview of what this album stands for then go check out the video for the first single “Salt”.  The song itself is an empowering energy infusion that depicts a man on a mission throwing salt on the evil slugs and serpents that stand in the way of his very own Roots Revival movement. Every song on this album is worth listening to. Despite the range on display, each song has the same high level of energy, powerful backup vocals, and the right supporting sound to help make the lyrics standout like they deserve to. Hearing this album only makes it even more mandatory to see a live Mighty Mystic show in the future. With an aura to match his persona, he is undoubtedly an artist whose art must be consumed in person. Because this album’s sound is so organic these songs will absolutely translate into a powerful live performance. 2019 is off to a good start. You should preorder without hesitation. Is it too early to say that “Enter The Mystic” cements Mighty Mystic’s place in the “Living Legend” category? The answer is no. Buy the album and enjoy; you will not be disappointed.



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