Moving Mountains (Deluxe) – Album Review

By Jared LaFosse-Baker

Joey Calderaio, a Southern Floridian fresh off his debut performance at Reggae Rise Up Florida dropped a new deluxe album called Moving Mountains (Deluxe) and this album does just that; move mountains! This album is a beefed-up version of his 2019 EP with the addition of an acoustic recording for Deja Vu, a remix of Rise Up featuring Ted Bowne of Passafire, and Right in Front of You remastered! This whole project is made even better with the added skills of E.N Young who mixed/ mastered and produced the album at Imperial Sound Recording Studio. E.N Young is an extremely talented producer who has worked with many reggae artists over the years so you know his addition to the album only made the tracks bigger and better! 

With an album like this having nine tracks, it makes it tough to pick favorites. My top three would have to be Right in Front of You – 2021 Remaster , then Rise Up – Remix and finally, Deja Vu – Acoustic. They all have unique aspects that just draw me in. For Right in Front of You – 2021 Remaster the lyrics and tempo with the vibrant instruments clicked for me. 

Joey Calderaio at Reggae Rise Up by Wicked Coast Promotions

The lyrics give you great motivation and uplifting inspiration! With lines like “Take a look at the life you’ve got, appreciate the view, realize that everything you’ll ever need, is already right in front of you” those lyrics give me a sense of gratitude for the things I have and what’s around me. I think a lot of people will feel that too and it will help them see the positivity in their day to day life. The music behind the song is electric! The range within the different instruments really give the track a bubbly feel to it. From the head bobbing high hats in the drums to the dub-style guitar and keyboard  chords. The outro of this song is what really hits me, the echo chorus lines bouncing from side to side of the speakers is a great way to close out the song! 

Joey Calderaio at Reggae Rise Up by Wicked Coast Promotions

Rise Up – Remix is the next track for me with a groovy dub-style vibe. Kicking the song off with popping horns accompanied by crisp drum hits makes this song a great beat filled track. The bass lines and guitar chords supply smooth reggae dub sounds. The kicker for this song is Ted Bowne from Passafire coming in with a quick lyric delivery that pairs perfectly with the overall rhythm pick up towards the end of the song. His soulful voice is also a great fusion with Joey’s powerful vocal range. This is definitely a track that will have listeners grooving out and dancing from start to finish!

Joey Calderaio with Ted Bowne at Reggae Rise Up by Wicked Coast Promotions

The last song from my top three is Deja Vu – Acoustic. I have always had a soft spot for an acoustic song, especially when there is an electric version to compare it too. The acoustic recording allows you to hear the notes clearly and gives you a better sense of the different layers of the song. When you have an acoustic track like this you also get a new take on the song with different percussion instruments and steel string acoustic guitars. The new take on the track gives the listener new sounds to look for every time they hear it. Overall Moving Mountains (Deluxe) is a top-notch album! A new take on some past tracks that have been beefed up with the help of E.N Young in the studio. Every song has been given new life that allows them to stand on their own as Joey Calderaio masterpieces! Go give it a listen and see for yourself what Moving Mountains sound like!

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