Over The Bridge: Carry On Single Review by Jared La Fosse-Baker

The boys of Over The Bridge (better known by their fans as OTB) have been rocking out since early 2014. In that time, they have evolved from jamming at little backyard shows to playing full three-day festivals while sharing the line up with bands like The Elovaters, Ballyhoo!, Passafire, Tropidelic, Roots Of Creation, and many others. Mike Forgette and Dave Cambell have been playing together since 2014 when they played an impromptu show at The Madfish Grille in Gloucester MA, the boys home town.

Back in March of 2019, they hit Revelry Studios in Manchester NH with an energy and focus that can only come from years of growth. That determination resulted in the creation of their first studio album. They released the first track off that album on November 25th. They had many tracks to choose from but then landed on Carry On as their debut song.

This first track Carry On, at its core, is a song about not giving up despite the struggles standing in your way. With all the difficulties going on in the world today, the song’s message is something everyone could use as a pick me up. When I listened to it the first time, I felt hope for the future. The first lyrics in the song really resonated with me right out the gate “Well I was working all day and night, I had sweat in my eyes. When the reaper came to greet me he was dressed in disguise. He said, ‘son why you sitting here waiting to die?’ When so many other souls would love to live your life!” It really makes me appreciate what I have. It gave me a sense of gratitude to keep my spirits up and not let the weight of the world win. I truly believe everyone should have their own take away from lyrics, but for me, every word of this song gave me a brighter outlook for the future in spite of the difficulties that lay before us.

The lyrics tell a great tale of the walls we face day today and how we all need to pursue the light at the end of the tunnel. Not only are the lyrics uplifting, but the instrumentals gave my soul a shot of joy and excitement. With a smooth and light intro, the song starts off with a spacy like synth to bring in a wavy guitar riff supported by crisp bongo drums. The chorus then comes in with rhythmic guitar layers and soulful organ fills in the back. The bridge gives us more big spacy vibes with powerful slow chords and heavy drums, backed with rhythmic guitar and church organ notes. It finishes off with an almost reverse instrumental from the intro. The drums and synth start to fade out with the wavy guitar chords leaving you left with the spacy synth notes fading out. The song comes in quiet and smooth, just like most problems in life. It finishes off the same way: big feelings into quiet calm, which is how our little day to day problems should be. Maybe that’s the true message behind the song, allow your roadblocks in life to enter then leave. The song ends with nothing but experience and hope for the future.

I was able to ask Mike and Dave a couple of questions about Carry On. They were more than happy to sit down and give me some top-notch answers:

Jared 360: Why did you choose Carry On for your debut song, was there something
about that song, you gravitated towards as the flagship track of this epic album?

OTB: We chose Carry On as the lead single because we felt that it would resonate
with listeners the most due to the difficult times and current state of the world. It was
also once our favorite arrangements and a good introduction to our sound.

Jared 360: What was it like recording at Revelry Studios and working with the very
talented Joe Sambo?

OTB: Short Answer. It was GREAT! They took our raw uncut gem ideas and helped
us polish and tumble them into pretty diamonds. We camped out at the studio for 5 days
4 Nights to start the project, which was an adventure in itself. Our time spent there felt
like home through the whole process (which took almost two years to complete) without

Matt Blanchette, Tyler Ayers, Joe, and the team we wouldn’t have a debut album to
speak about!

Jared 360: The song’s title really tells your fans what the message is, but what does it
mean to you?

OTB: Carry On is a reminder that life is inherently difficult, but you have to focus on
positivity and gratitude to find the strength to push forward through life’s challenges.

Jared 360: OTB is a great mix of different sounds, what genre does Carry On and the
rest of the album fall under?

OTB: Most heavily influenced by Reggae and Rock n Roll it has catchy Pop
melodies, Hip Hop lyricism, and even a splash of Folk style.

Over The Bridge put in a lot of work to create Carry On, and that same effort went into
every song on this album. They plan on releasing more tracks off the album periodically.
This way, we all have something to look forward to for the future. So let’s not give up
and… Carry On!





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