PREMEIRE! Audic Empire – “.45” – Official Music Video

One of a kind Texas powerhouse, Audic Empire, fresh off of an iTunes charting album release, premiere their newest video, “.45” with Reggae 360. Audic Empire’s genre bending album “Head Change” takes you on a journey by blending Texas-style reggae rock with bluesy head banging heavy rock. During the first half of the album, which features the reggae heavy songs,  is where you will find “.45”. This banger features vocals from bassist/vocalist, James Tobias, with lead singer Ronnie Bowen delivering silky-smooth melodies. A pilar of the Audic Empire sound, James delivers catchy verses, hooks, and switches up his style throughout the song which creates a full musical experience.

Photo by The Kaya

“A tongue in cheek approach to the dark yet regrettably fun aspects of toxic relationships”


James nailed it with a perfect description of the feeling you get listening to “.45”.  The song is catchy, it’s dark, it’s fun, and you’ll find yourself singing the lyrics long after hearing it.

The video filmed in Austin, TX at Emerald Point Bar & Grill, features James and Ronnie clearly having a blast as the Texas sun sets behind them.


Album art by Opie Ortiz

Video by Tikicam



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