Primitive Creature is the second release from the East Coast powerhouse, Callisto. Like the premier single Outlaw, Primitive Creature also features Reel Big Fish’s, Billy Kottage.

This song explores another side of Callisto. Though the reggae influence is always present, the band sonically dives into a more experimental abyss. Turntablist/beat producer, Dan Campbell wrote the initial instrumental for the song, sampling some traditional, tropical Samba grooves. From there, Rob DiNanno delivered the innuendo ridden lyrics and relaxed, but hypnotic melody.

During a January blizzard in Exeter, NH, James, Howi and Jonny tracked live instruments, to incorporate their reggae-rock roots. The chorus features a 3 part harmony with Rob, Howi and Brandon; another first for the band. Production was a large focus on this song. Notably, Dan Campbell wanted to put a fresh spin on what turntables could provide in a song. Dan scratches Howi’s bridge guitar lead, adding a new element of melodic conversation. This song was produced, mixed and mastered by Howi.

Reggae 360 is honored to premiere Callisto’s second single, “Primitive Creature” which features Reel Big Fish’s, Billy Kottage. Smash that play button below, share it, buy it, support it, give them a follow and stay tuned for more from Callisto!

The group is eager to explore new musical territory and bring new elements to what the reggae sound can be. Where will they go with January’s single release?


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