Cape Cod, MA-based band Crooked Coast released their new single Rise & Shine May 22nd. Their first release with their new drummer, Crooked is delivering an explosion of indie rock riffs, reggae rhythms, hip-hop flows, and pop melodies.  Mixed by the highly regarded Courtney Ballard out of LA, Crooked Coast is sounding sharper than ever.

“Rise & Shine was a t-shirt before it was a song,” explains Luke Vose (vocals/guitar), “We just liked that phrase. Ben (Elder, bass) and I made the design, and the shirt sold pretty well. I remember John (McNamara, vocals/guitar) saying, “That’s gonna be a song,” so it was just in the air.

“We were in a practice session and our new drummer Shaq hit this cool little loop on a synthesizer and we started jamming to it. The song emerged pretty quickly,” Luke said, “We played it out live and the reaction was instant. People kept asking when the new song was coming out.”


The band had scheduled a trip to LA in April to spend two weeks recording an EP with producer Courtney Ballard (5 Seconds of Summer, The Used.) “After a successful first year of our music festival Coast-Fest we wanted to take a chance and reinvest in ourselves. We had plane tickets, an Airbnb and studio time with Courtney booked,” recalls Luke, “Then the pandemic happened and that all went out the window. It was tough but we had to keep moving forward. We started tracking at John’s studio. He and Shaq are both super talented engineers so between the two of them we were getting killer sounds and Shaq’s drumming is really next level. We’ve been playing live together for over a year and people who’ve seen him know he has wild energy on stage but he brings that same intensity to the studio setting. Sonically the song is a burst of adrenaline that doesn’t let up. Courtney heard the track and wanted to mix it so we still got to have his touch on it which is amazing. The guy has produced some huge records and it’s crazy to have that sound on a Crooked Coast record.”

Photo Credit Timothy O’Connell

“Lyrically the song pays tribute to friends of ours who lived fast and shined so bright that even after passing away their light is still with us. It’s about keeping that fire burning even during the darkest times and rising back up no matter what.”

For the video, the band combined animated lyrics with vintage spooky cartoon imagery. “We wanted something that fit the energy of the song,” explained Luke, “A slightly dark, fun blast of adrenalin.”

Reggae 360 is honored to premiere the lyric video to this very special lyric video. This is one of the better lyric videos we’ve seen! Give it a view and show the fellas some love by following them on socials and streaming platforms (links below).


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