Premiere! Fortunate Youth – Live Life featuring Alborosie & Harrison Stafford – Directors POV & Single Review

Live Life by Fortunate Youth featuring Alborosie & Harrison Stafford was directed by Jeff Pliskin over at Raised Fist Propaganda and does nothing but give good vibes for this uplifting song! The video hops from three different locations. You see the grounding nature of Harrison Stafford in the thick woods of California. The cool ocean air blowing with Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth on a Cali pier. Plus Alborosie humbly soaking up the salt air with a calming sunset in Jamaica. With three different areas and three different musicians, you get one wholesome aura of appreciation for the natural beauty of the world and the intention to not take it for granted!

The song itself can truly resonate with anyone willing to listen. “You’ve got to live life with true intention” the lyrics speak to the need to take each day for what you can make it! Don’t take the days you are given for granted. With the lyrics speaking to a drive within us all, the instrumentals supply a feeling and a vibe to back it all up. The heavy crisp drums give a fresh contrast to the high notes from the keys. The song is filled with layers of reverberating drums and bongos supported by deep bass lines. We find the end of the song with a fast bongo bridge leading to a rasta lyrical display by Alborosie followed by a fresh guitar solo by Dan Kelly. He walks us around the guitar neck with popping notes that bring us to the outro.

All together, the song and accompanying video is a masterpiece. Check out the music video below and show love for all the artists by giving them a follow.

-Jared LaFosse-Baker of Reggae 360


Directors Point of View by Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda 

Live Life – This music video is definitely one of the more enjoyable videos I have shot and directed over the past 15 years. Anytime Reggae Legends are involved, it’s a win-win on all sides. Greg and Jered of Fortunate Youth hit me up two years ago to film this video, and like all epic collaborations – the process takes time. In this case, not so much for the editing, but due to our current situation on Planet Earth, we had to wait for appropriate filming conditions and safety protocols.

We filmed Dan on the Hermosa Beach Pier early one morning in February. As you can see in the video, he is freezing his reggae ass off and it is quite hilarious. Greg and Jered tease me about the constant use of the birds flying into and around Dan, but I kind of love it – a sort of Mise-en-scène that makes up the South Bay World. We used a 4k Camera and Gimbal on the shoot so I got to practice my Scorsese by panning in and out of Mr. Kelly.

I met Alborosie and his manager Ryan Dillon in NYC a few years earlier at the famed B.B. King Blues Club in NYC. We established a connection so I reached out and asked if Albo wanted to be in the vid. Sure enough, we all linked at the One Love Reggae Fest in California in February just before Covid hit. We filmed the crew in front of the Queen Mary Ship and later on got some clips from Jamaica only to make the setting match Dan’s but from Albo’s point of view.

Harrison was added later on and provided some epic backdrops of the forest on the West Coast, Lord of the Rings-style. Filmmaking can be quite an interesting process, but when everyone is on board, that is when the magic happens.

I am very thankful that I am able to work with such passionate people on this project and all having the same creative vision. Portrait shots are my primary filming style, and I feel it shows the artist in their most authentic composition. I can only hope that when the world opens up again, we can have a pretty epic Fortunate Youth, Alborosie, Groundation Tour for 2022. Bless up and Massive Respect for my Reggae Family! FY, Pupa Alborosie, and Ras Harrison Stafford, Groundation Crew.


Ras Jeff Fro


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