PREMIERE! Indubious – Frequent See – Official Music Video

Music brings the gift of energy and when combined with the proper imagery it can create a transformative experience. Please open your mind and allow yourself to receive the latest visual art by the ever conscious band Indubious. Let brothers Evton and Skip guide through a journey of truth and connectedness as we premiere the video for “Frequent See” off of the billboard topping 2019 album “Beleaf”. Let the good vibes emanate as you experience the vision of cutting edge producer Buddy Terry. This video is truly a marriage of powerful poignant lyrics and psychedelic hard-hitting visuals; the end result is a captivating video to highlight the essence of what Indubious represents.

If spiritual fitness is the goal then this video is an exercise that will get the blood pumping and will release just the right amount of endorphins to help you achieve the next level. For more music to fuel your personal growth check out the album Beleaf on Apple Music, Spotify or wherever you consume your music. If you really want the full Indubious experience, you can find them on the upcoming Ways of the World Tour with The Movement and Josh Heinrichs. Visit for more info and some of the highest quality merch you can buy; show some love today!


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