PREMIERE! Mellodose – Fuck It (Bumpin Uglies Cover)

One of the newest reggae projects began amidst the throes of an international pandemic is bringing a new taste of reggae-rock, with a dub and electronic edge, to life. Marco Martinez (master lead guitarist, harmonica player) of Roots of a Rebellion, a soulful reggae-rock, dub, and folk supergroup from Nashville, Tennessee, decided to venture into a new creative side of his musical aspirations with Mellodose.

Inspired by Bumpin Uglies’ stellar songwriting (both lyrically and instrumentally), Martinez decided to cover one of his favorite songs: “Fuck It.” Bumpin Uglies is led by frontman/guitarist and master lyricist/vocalist, Brandon Hardesty, who is joined by powerhouses Dave “Wolfie” Wolf on bass, TJ Haslett on drums, and Chad Wright on keys, vocals, and guitar (also Wright is starting up a solo project of his own as Chad Wrong). The Uglies’ power stems from Hardesty’s unique songwriting, coupled with his top-notch bandmates’ musical abilities, and a fanatical and loving fan-base. With songs like “Fuck It,” the Uglies push the envelope in the modern reggae-rock scene with lyrics that deal with topics like alcoholism, depression, parties, and self-awareness, and a musical range that goes from acoustic to hard punk/ska breakdowns, creating one of the most unique perspectives in reggae-rock songwriting.


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When asked about the song choice…

I’m sure many BU fans can relate when I say that “Fuck It” has been one of my favorite songs written by Brandon Hardesty for years. It’s one of those songs that make you feel better because it shows you that you’re not alone in the beating you get from life. It also motivates you to wade through it all and stay positive, yet honest.

As I worked on the cover, I noticed chordal, melodic, and lyrical nods to other bands, artists, and songs that I also love such as Passafire, Green Day, and Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash’s “Girl from the North Country“.

With one song, Hardesty was able to pay homage to modern reggae, punk rock, and folk/country music. All the while, he crafted a unique sound and a personal message true to him and his band.

This is what great art and great music is all about to me: absorption, application, innovation, and finally connection.

Mellodose will be putting out an EP called We Come Back on Friday, May 8th. You can pre-save the EP here:

Photos and artwork by Katie Cameron:

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Stream it here:



Stream it here:

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