PREMIERE! Saltwater Slide – Who Dropped The Dime Dub Remix- Behind The Music

This is the dub version of our song “Who Dropped the Dime?” (WDTD), dubbed by Corn (Corey Draskovich) from Fortunate Youth. The original version of WDTD is somewhat of a social commentary on the failed war on drugs, drawing on some past experiences and putting the listener in that situation. The dub version, on the other hand, shines a light on the drum and bass lines of the track. Corn takes you on a journey through space and time with this dub. Orchestrating thundering reverbs and cosmic delays that will keep you floating through space. There are also some recognizable vocal parts for you to sing along to, but by the end of the song, you’ll be singing the vocal echoes as well. We are stoked to release this track to you all, hope you enjoy it.

We were very excited to be able to work with Corn. Saltwater Slide has been listening to Fortunate Youth for a long time, so being able to work with him was an amazing opportunity for us. We met Corn at one of his shows with FY in Austin TX. We ran around the show looking for him knowing that we wanted to pick his brain about music. We finally found Corn on his tour bus after getting into a conversation with the tour manager, Jacko. Jacko was super cool, he walked us over to the FY bus, handed us a smoke and he went inside. About a minute passes by and out pops Corn! We had many questions, we talked about the bass line, keyboard licks, favorite songs. You know the standard questions everyone would like to ask their music influences. Then dub songs came up in conversation. We talked about a few dubs that Corn had done and some other dubs that he has recently shared on social media. The band had talked about wanting to do a dub and Corn was someone we knew did dub. We kind of just went for it and asked him if he would be willing to do one for us. He said he could give it a try after the tour was finished. We swapped contact information, talked a little more then said our goodbyes. About a few months later after keeping a watchful eye on the FY tour, we sent an email to Corn. He responded asking for our tracks, to see which song he wanted to mix. Corn chose “Who Dropped the Dime”, which was exciting to us because we didn’t know what song he was going to choose. After a few idea exchanges and some amazing mixes, the final dub track was born! We are very happy with how this dub mix came out and we appreciate Corn taking the time to work with us.

We have more new music coming out very soon. Some with special guest features that we are very excited to show you guys. We can’t thank you all enough for all the love and support we have received this past year. We have some tour schedules in the works for 2020 so keep an eye out for us rolling through your hometown. For now, catch us on the Bumpin Uglies tour, Lava Sharks and Water Parks with Little Stranger this weekend around Texas. The Texas leg for us kicks off in Corpus Christi on November 7th. We then head to Houston on November 8 and end the run back in our hometown, San Antonio November 9th.

Thank you again for all the love and support! See everyone very soon!

-Saltwater Slide

-Vincent Ash


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