Reggae Lou Releases New Single “Fire”, Set To Hit Road

On Saturday, January 16, I had the pleasure of attending the single release party for Reggae Lou and The Kind Budz debut single, ‘Fire,’ at Tin Roof Delray Beach, Florida! With featured guests Drifting Roots, and earlier brunch performers, Sierra Lane Band, it turned out to be a beautiful winter day in sunny South Florida to bring the “Fire” to the reggae and football fans of Delray. With their January 15 release of ‘Fire,’ this reggae superband made their next step in raising awareness to the talents of their current lineup, with this catchy and upbeat weed-smoking brodeo, that will have any crowd bobbing, singing along to the addicting beat, and leaving with the melody and lyrics stuck in their head. It will definitely be a crowd favorite on their upcoming tour with Audic Empire and Peter Dante in Texas and Florida, especially when members of other bands join up on stage to drop a positively marijuana-positive “Fire” verse.



Reggae Lou has been traveling the country and even internationally for the last decade, spreading positive reggae vibes far and wide through his rootsy-style vocals and song cover choices, along with an outpouring of brand new originals, soon to be released. During these travels that have ranged from states like California, Michigan, Texas, and Florida, and outside of the US to countries like Mexico, Lou has performed with some of reggae’s best rockers like Bumpin’ Uglies, Tropidelic, Josh Heinrichs, The Supervillians, EarthKry, SYNRGY, Pato Banton, Audic Empire, and Joey Harkum. After gaining years of experience traveling the long hard road of the local reggae music scene, Lou has currently settled down in Palm Beach County, where for over the past year, just before the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown Florida and the rest of the world, has been constructing his current “Kind Budz” line-up and cultivating a following of rootsy reggae fans.

With the current line-up of Louis Bryant aka Reggae Lou (lead vocals/guitar), Ricky Bolufe (drums/lead vocals/harmonies), Wendell Batista (bass), Joe Demory (guitar/vocals), Stevens Thegenus
(trumpet/harmonies), Adrian Garcia (keys/melodica), and Aquila Correa (guest drums) the band has gained a notable following, and the chemistry and love from these artists persist in their live
performances, and off the stage. Make sure to give this song a like and follow Reggae Lou on Spotify, Apple, Youtube, or wherever you listen to new music and stay up to date on the happenings of this friendly group of amazingly talented rootsy reggae rockers! If you live in Florida or Texas make sure to catch them on their upcoming February tour with Audic Empire and Peter Dante as well!





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