REVIEW! Buddahfly – All Love EP

Review by Jared LaFosse-Baker

Based out of Boston Massachusetts and with strong roots to the south shore, Buddahfly is a band rooted in passion and love for the scene. Those ideals give a better meaning for the name of their new EP All Love. This band fills the stage with conscious hip-hop, reggae, and rock to create an awesome environment of good vibes with even better jams! The band is comprised of Brandon Lynch (lead vocals/ rhythm guitar), Will Glass (lead guitar/ rhythm guitar), Scott Cargill (drums/ percussion), Jahmar Davis (saxophone/ vocal), Matt Glickman (dub/ keys), and Jimmy Macdonald (bass).

The band is stacked with skilled musicians. These musicians and friends came together to create this excellent EP. The first track I listened to was All Love. As the first song for the band to release in a couple years, it was only right for it to also be the title track of the EP. The song is groovy dub with soothing lyrics. When I first heard it, I took the lyrics as being about unity. A message of people coming together instead of pushing apart despite our differences. Furthermore, the instrumentals are nothing short of bliss. The track is layered with different soulful sounds. The parts that pop for me are the smooth sax with the crisp drum pops. The whole song gives me a lounge vibe with jazz like keys and groovy guitar notes. Overall, this is a solid jam! From the beats that fill your soul to the lyrics that get your mind thinking.       

Next I jammed out to Narls. This was a track I heard them play live before. It was something that they had been working on at the time. So when I heard it recorded and perfected, I was very excited. This jam has a faster beat to it than All Love but those same positive vibes. You hear peppy keys with funky guitar licks throughout the song. The underlining bass lines give it even more groove to keep your body moving. For me the lyrics are simply about falling in love! The title Narls is actually an acronym for Not Another Reggae Love Song. I saw that as a way for the band to differentiate themselves from other bands’ love song titles. I gotta say, this track has all the great pieces. It has a fun beat, smooth melodies, and groovie lines.       

Buddahfly at Levitate Rexicana Surf Cantina photo by Wicked Coast Promotions

Finally I threw on Round About. I had been going to see this band many times over the last couple years and every show they played this song and it was my favorite! The song from start to finish emanates good vibes and sweet jams. You hear those funky guitar licks paired with groovy bass lines and you just want to dance! The band is full of great musicians and they all came out to jam on this track. When this song kicks off you get the smooth sax and the keys that bubble up all through the song. When I hear the lyrics in this song, I interpret them as being about happy times. They mention looking forward to tomorrow with positivity, which is something I think we all could do more. For me this song is about keeping your head high and keeping a positive attitude because tomorrow is always a new day! Between the Slightly Stoopid style guitar grooves and the very relatable positive outlook on life, this jam has good vibes from start to finish. 

Overall, this new EP is a smash! The boys of Buddahfly kicked off 2021 with an EP under their belt that would give their fans a whole new stoke. These three tracks embody everything that is this band. It has smooth yet groovy beats, vibey guitar licks, and everything in between. They came into the year wanting to help the world heal through their music and I feel like the All Love EP can do it!    

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