REVIEW! Crooked Coast – Feel It

By Jared LaFosse-Baker

Cape Cod Massachusetts has produced some top notch beaches, amazing restaurants and one incredible band called Crooked Coast! They have put out many great hits but Feel It is their latest song and it’s nothing short of an epic jam! This song has everything you could want out of a summertime banger. It has energizing lyrics that fill you with good vibes, big resonating guitar chords, and drum beats that you can feel in your chest.   

The lyrics in this track can be relatable on many levels from the quick rap verses to the high notes in the chorus. Intertwined within the clever rhymes and catchy lines is a message of positivity. Asking their listeners “do you feel it?” then proceeding to talk about being lost in the world and you can’t find a reason, this a sense of hope. Many of the lyrics to me talk about the wild year we have had and then the good times are just around the corner! Spreading uplifting vibes that we can all resonate with while we feel it, that hope for the future and in the end just really enjoying one another’s company again.

Crooked Coast at Soundcheck Studios photo by Wicked Coast Promotions

The boys of Crooked Coast bring more than just good vibe messages, they bring power house instrumentals. It’s hard to pull out one sound that really makes this song bump, because every aspect of the tune makes the other better. From the crunchy guitar chords kicking the song off you know the whole track is going to rock! Then the chorus comes in with big bass lines paired with the thumping drum kicks. The verses are lined with smooth vocals and crisp drum beats. You also get the grooving guitar riffs which makes the whole song blend. Throughout the track there are aspects of the instrumentals that really stick out so it’s hard to pick out. You need them all to create the epic sound you get from all these amazing musicians.    

Crooked Coast at Soundcheck Studios photo by Wicked Coast Promotions

Crooked Coast has a big schedule from running their shop in Falmouth Cape Cod, being in a full time band, and general life events. But, I had the pleasure of pulling them aside to ask a couple questions.  

Q&A with Crooked Coast

  • JLB: This song has a great chorus! So much power behind it and it’s something that can be easily sung along to. What’s the underlying message behind all these creative and fun lyrics?
  • CC: Thanks. Yeah John has a really incredible instinct for writing hooks. He’d written this one and I had some lyrics that I wrote that felt like a love song. The way it came together it’s like a love song to all the people we are seeing again as we come out of the crazy last year and a half. Playing it live is so cathartic. 
  • JLB: You guys have put out a very large catalog of music over the years with many different styles, sounds, and genres tossed together to create amazing music! If you can, what genre or style would you put Feel It into?
  • CC: We’ve always had a pretty hard time categorizing ourselves and kind of gave up trying but there are definitely strong elements of reggae, rock and hip hop there. I think a band like 21 Pilots is a fair comparison. Alt rock with tons of different styles mixed in.
  • Q3: Over the last several months you guys have put out some phenomenal tracks. Will there be a  new album in the future for your fans or more top notch singles?
  • CC: Yes! The album is done and currently being mixed by super producer Courtney Ballard he’s done everyone from Good Charlotte and The Used to 5 Seconds of Summer. The first project we did with him was Rise & Shine and we love his style. We will keep dropping singles then late fall release the album and do some touring.
  • JLB: The song being released during the peak of the summer was a great way to keep the vans going all summer long! What else do you guys have in store for the rest of the summer regarding shows, festivals or videos?  
  • CC: For sure. The summer is a great time to release music. There will definitely be some new videos and of course skits. We also have great club shows all over new england and a few festivals later in the summer that we will be announcing asap.
  • JLB: There are many different elements to this hit song. From the powerhouse vocals to the killer rock guitar riffs. What was your favorite part of this banger?
  • CC: My favorite part is on the bridge part with the heavy riff when the vocal sample goes “BLAKKA BAM BAM!” It never gets old to me. 
Crooked Coast at Soundcheck Studios photo by Wicked Coast Promotions

 I can’t say enough good things about the band Crooked Coast and their new single Feel It. This track has it all, from great lyrics to powerful instrumentals. Go check out the song yourself and the band’s other music! Spread the word! But can you Feel It?

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