REVIEW! Crooked Coast – High

By Jared LaFosse-Baker

Crooked Coast is like a wave crashing on the beach. Each wave crashes harder and harder as the surf rises, like their music, it keeps getting bigger and better! This new song High is hitting the shore like a maverick! It has a beautiful fusion of a 50s barbershop sound and that good old fashioned rock. All mixed up with that Crooked Coast funky alternative style! It delivers smooth and fast raps, heavy rock drums, and killer guitar riffs. 

The guitar riff is only made better by a ripping guitar solo towards the end of the song. This guitar solo is shredded by The Quins very own guitarist and singer Quincy Medaglia. He adds that classic rock style to the song that brings it all together. With long power notes, he dances his way along the guitar neck. This big guitar solo really seals the deal for me on this track. But it’s also the little things that make me keep it on repeat! 

One of those things is the wide range of the vocals. These last two tracks Crooked Coast has put out are further demonstrating their awesome vocals skills with wicked high and long notes. They go all over with high pitch and low, but the delivery of these notes has top notch timing, along with the flow of the lyrics and rhyming that the song rides on. 

This track also has great build for the bridge between the verse and chorus. They do a great job of using the big drum hits and crunchy guitar chords to create that anticipation. There’s also a very subtle chime to kick off the verse that I love. That’s definitely one of my favorite parts of their music. Every time I listen to their songs, I pick up on something new; something that you wouldn’t expect and that makes this band really stand out from the rest for me. 

With Crooked Coast full schedule I was still able to pull them aside and ask a couple questions.

Crooked Coast At Sound Check Studios by Wicked Coast Promotions

Q&A with Crooked Coast

JLB: So we are at the tail end of the summer, you have a new banger of a single, more shows are coming back, is it safe to say Crooked Coast is having a good year?

CC: Man, it’s been a weird but really good year. We spent a lot of time focusing on the reasons we got into music in the first place, which is writing songs and putting everything we have into our live show. Seeing live music disappear for a little bit made us realize how much we love it and how lucky we are to have fans who make it possible.

JLB: This track floods your ears with classic rock vibes, an almost 50s barbershop style, and your fresh take on alternative jams! What inspires you to take these sounds and fuse them?

CC: I totally feel that. One review said it sounded like an edgier Weezer lol. John just played those chords and it all just kind of clicked in a really natural way. We try not to overthink songs too much but just follow the feeling.

JLB: From start to finish the lyrics delivered in  this song are fresh and catchy. What’s the overall message of the song?

CC: Thanks! The song is about getting high dude. Seriously though we just try to capture a feeling and let people take their own meaning from it. There is something fun about pairing lyrics that are a little dark with a really bright upbeat melody. “Hey Ya” by Outkast does that really well. They’re definitely a group we’ve drawn some inspiration from.

JLB: By adding South shore loved band The Quins to the track you gave it something extra and special for the sound and the fans! What about that band made you want to bring them in on this track?

CC: They are such good dudes and a killer band. If anyone reading this hasn’t seen them live they need to do that ASAP. We’ve done a bunch of shows together over the last few years. We thought Quincy’s guitar style would really complement the song. He wrote such a beautiful part. It’s both shredding and really melodic. Him and Dave sang the back up vocals on the chorus. They brought great energy. Can’t wait to play this one together when we are at the same festival.

JLB: With this being the 2nd track dropped this year and you’re already picking up great speed with these releases, can the fans expect some more bangers before the year is up?

CC: We have lots more singles lined up. The next one is pretty wild, and has some Rage Against the Machine vibes. Eventually we will drop the whole album but we want to build up that. We are shooting music videos, creating new art and unique merch. Also doing some touring late fall/winter. It feels like a great time to be alive and making art. We are really happy to be doing that.

I was super excited when this song dropped because I had a feeling it was going to be a hit with their amazing catalog of music, but I didn’t expect the song to be this awesome! It has a top notch feature with The Quins and it is full to the brim with those classic Crooked Coast notes. They bring power and fun to all their music and this track, it’s just that. Big drums, heavy guitars, and fun vibes! Go out and stream High anywhere you get your music today!

Crooked Coast At Sound Check Studios by Wicked Coast Promotions

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