Review! Joey Calderaio – Wave of Life ft. Ballyhoo!

Review by David Shaw

Joey Calderaio, songwriting extraordinaire, does it again with his latest collaborative endeavor called Wave of Life. Coming out hot on his recent array of collaborative releases of Paradise (ft. Sierra Lane) and its subsequent dub remix (produced by E.N Young), the South Florida reggae-rock star continues to deliver on his promise to “rise to the top!” As the name of the track suggests Joey delivers a wave of uplifting positively honest lyrics and a naturally intoxicating musical flow, with a really upbeat hook, and Cade Gotthardt’s (Tribal Seeds) horns blaring evenly among the motion of the ocean!

Introducing a match made in heaven, both Howi and brother, Donald Spangler, of Maryland’s rockiest-reggae band, Ballyhoo!, lend their respective talents. Donald sets the pace and tempo of this jam, slowly flowing easily from the intro until the second-half of the first verse where his percussion breaks down a catchy beat that persists again through his brother’s verse, and is a noticeably pervasive melody that ties into the entire piece’s theme. The transition from Joey’s singing to Howi’s is seamless, and upon your first listen, it’s difficult at first to know where Joey starts and Howi begins! Howi’s vocal/lyrical contribution transforms this new track from an already stellar hit, to a shell-shocking masterpiece of a journey through overcoming the negativity that drags you down below the crashing waves, and being able to rise back up to the surface, to ride those waves we call life.

Joey’s orchestration of this song, recording of his own vocals, guitar, and bass, and writing of inspirational lyrics, continues to illustrate to the world that he can do anything he sets his mind to…and it’ll turn out phenomenal! This is a man who truly is living the words he sings about, and is revealing a deep part of his soul in the songs he writes, and this particular track reveals a genuine human-being, just focusing on “riding this Wave of Life….”

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