REVIEW! Joe Sambo – Beef – Review by Jared LaFosse-Baker

Where’s the beef?! It’s available everywhere now thanks to Joe Sambo! That’s right, the man who topped the Billboard Reggae charts at number one for a whole week just dropped “Beef” Friday, February 19th and the world couldn’t be more stoked about it. Back in April 2019, Joe Sambo released The Wrong Impression. A month later, that album topped the Billboard charts and put him on the path that would lead him to many more adventures. One of which is writing the hit track Beef.

This track has it all. Fresh rhythm, uplifting messages, and house-made grooves! It kicks off with groovy crisp guitar riffs and powerful drum beats with smooth keys to fill the intro verse, which then leads into powerful horns to bring in the chorus. These smooth lead-ins are all throughout this jam. The song finishes out with a dancehall-style bridge that leads into the outro. You end up hearing a lot of different layers in this song broken up by the crisp horns and hypnotic riffs. With a great diversity of instruments and sounds, it fills out the track and it just shows Joe’s artform.

The lyrics for me told a message of good vibes and positivity! It’s about hearing a groove and really running with it. Letting the sounds and vibes fill your soul. Letting the music take over your body and get you off your feet and dancing, to help you forget your woes and just enjoy life.

I had the pleasure of pulling Joe aside from his very busy schedule to ask some questions about the single and his work that I think the fans would love to hear!

JLB: What about this track in particular made you want it to be the first track to be released in 2021?

Joe Sambo: I wanted to put out a song that was fun for people to listen to, and get their mind off the crazy year we just had.

JLB: Is this going to just be a single or will this track be part of a larger album and if so when can we expect that album?

Joe Sambo: This is the first of many songs I have recorded that will be on a new album by the end of 2021.

JLB: With your diverse music background why did you land on reggae to be your genre?

Joe Sambo: I didn’t just decide “reggae” one day. Rhythm and groove are what I love about music. And reggae has a lot of it. I wouldn’t even classify myself as a reggae artist even though that’s what it seems to be. Good music is good music, and I’ll listen to anything as long as it’s good. The same goes for what I play.

JLB: Now that you’re signed to a big label like LAW what advice would you give to young upcoming artists?

Joe Sambo: Do it for fun, and no other reason. It should always be fun. Getting signed isn’t what’s it’s all worked up to be. That’s just when it becomes work. As long as you’re having fun you’re not gonna work a day in your life.

JLB: What about Revelry Studios makes you keep coming back?

Joe Sambo: Revelry is stock full of all the most talented, creative, and motivated people I’ve ever met. I’m lucky they’re my best friends. I helped in a lot of ways to get it where it’s at, but without that whole team over there, I wouldn’t be nearly as far along as I am now. Short answer. They’re my best friends.

This track, just like its name beef, is full of tasty sounds that fill you up. It contains a lot of smooth melodic tunes with powerful notes behind them that get you feeling the groove. The lyrics give your body energy and life. The words in this track can really give the world what it needs: good vibes and dancing! So get out there and enjoy some house-made grooves today!

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