REVIEW! Joe Sambo – Create Something

By Jared LaFosse-Baker

Kicking off the summer with his second single of 2021, Joe Sambo dropped Create Something, which is the fresh jam we all needed! This track has it all: a good message, solid vibes, and a beat that won’t quit. It was recorded in Manchester, NH at the renowned Revelry Studios. The Wrong Impression, which debuted number one on the Reggae Billboard Charts in the first week of May 2019, was recorded there. So, I can only imagine what other top notch music he will have made there for the rest of this new EP! 

The message behind this song is pretty straight forward with the title: create something. Joe is a very talented and creative individual so it only seems fitting that he write a song encouraging others to do the same. The lyrics teach us to find joy and a sense of therapy when being creative. At the end of the track he literally shouts to his fans to find that creative outlet, to find the happiness in making something new. When you find yourself in a dark place or if you feel stuck trying something new, making something out of nothing can really be the spark you need. Joe definitely does a great job at teaching us this lesson through the lyrics.

Joe Sambo at Bernies Beach Bar photo by Wicked Coast Promotions

Not only are the lyrics powerful, but the instrumentals are on point! Create Something brings good vibes with the many different levels of sounds coming out of each segment of the track. The sounds which stuck out to me the most are the catchy guitar riffs, boogie powering brass notes and bongo hits paired with popping drum beats. The guitar riffs being played on an acoustic give the whole song a mellow island vibe. It takes you to a place where your negativity can melt away. 

The brass section of this song track gave the chores a greate layer. It really gives it an overall smooth sound and reminds you of Joe’s impeccable talent of combining great sounds to make a choice song! To finish off the parts that stuck out to me I’d have to go with the drums and bongo. With Joe’s history of drum and percussion experience, it’s no surprise to hear solid beats in this song. The combination of big drum kits and bouncy bongo lines really create a beat, which throughout the song makes your whole body move! 

I was fortunate enough to pull Joe aside to pick his brain about a couple of things. Hope you enjoy it!

JLB: This song has such a great vibe, what was your thought process when you came up with the message behind it?

Joe: I wanted to make something that all creatives could relate to.

JLB: We all know you’re crushing it with your creative music skills, what is another way you like to be creative?    

Joe: For me music is my personal creative outlet. So that’s hard for me to answer. Maybe I like to make weird voices? Like coming up with weird cartoon voices, and making Characters up in my head… I’m a weirdo.

JLB: Create Something is chock full of juicy instruments and sounds, if you had to pick just one what was your favorite?

Joe: My favorite instrument? Probably the Taylor Guitar we used.

JLB: With the experience of working on as many songs as you have, what was something about working on this track that you remember the most?

Joe: Just dialing in the mix and in turn, the message. That’s my favorite part.

At the end of the day Create Something is one the best songs Joe has made to date. It has a great and relatable message. It’s a concept that we all could take more time doing especially with the stress and hardships of the last year. The instrumentals throughout this jam feed to energy in your body. From every guitar chord to the powerful drums filling the groove. This track has everything and more you could want. Go check out Joe Sambos Create Something wherever you get your music. Also, check out the latest music video for the track,  you won’t be disappointed!  

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