REVIEW! Joey Calderaio “Dub Collection” Review by David Shaw

Joey Calderaio is a powerhouse of creativity. Joey’s managed to do what many up-and-comers have yet to do in the last year alone. During an international pandemic, he’s increased his social media following significantly, recorded an EP in his home on his own, and released several videos of well-known covers that are polished and show his expertise in multi-instrumentation, filming, and looping. With the New Year upon us, Joey has unveiled his latest self-produced project in the “Dub Collection” EP. As it sounds, the EP features five of some of Calderaio’s best songs, remixed in special dub form in his signature South Florida flair.

“Dub Collection,” starts off hard with Dub to Protect (a play on Reputation to Protect). Reputation in original form is a heavy-hitting opening song and one of my favorites lyrically, speaking on spreading the message of kindness and respect throughout the world. The dub version starts with a psychedelic vocal intro and transitions into a bassload of dub orchestration. One of the best aspects of this short EP is that every song isn’t just a dub instrumental, you do not lose any lyrics and vocals, allowing the listener to hear every part of their favorite songs, just with a dub twist.

Following next is Right in Front of Dub (You), a smooth transition that slows down the vibe of the EP into a chilled state. Another well-produced remix, the listener can definitely hear a difference between “Dub” and “You.” Additional percussion on this new version carries the sound forward throughout this track and makes it stand out as one of the songs that sound more improved through Dub remixing.

Smack dab in the middle of the EP is Déjà Dub, a remix of Déjà Vu, a kaleidoscopic musical experience of a song. This version was the first single released in anticipation of the upcoming dub album and hyped up the expectations for Calderaio’s latest musical venture. It sure did deliver, especially with such a strong introductory release, as the song brings the listener on a mind-altering journey about being stuck in constant negative thoughts and patterns, and looking for a way out by accepting you’re the only one that can break yourself out of that depressive state. One of his strongest and positive lyrical songs, Déjà Vu was meant to transform into Déjà Dub, the same way Joey transformed himself by facing his demons in this song.

Next up we got a remix…of a remix. Rise Up Dub is the second remastered version of the original song, that features Ted Bowne, lead singer, and guitarist of Passafire (Joey and I share the same favorite band). Rise Up is a powerful track that delves into the aspirations of any hard-working musicians, striving to make it to the top, all while swimming against the tide of pessimism. With the help of Ted Bowne’s production work, Joey was able to make a really good track, into a phenomenal banger, that Bowne himself spits a swift-paced, remastered verse in his own Passafire style. While Bowne helped with producing the first remix, Calderaio used the services of Big G Productions to produce Rise Up Dub and the rest of the EP.

To finish this dynamo of an EP is Lonely Dub. One of his newest releases of 2020, Joey remixed Lonely Night, a solemn and beautiful ballad about missing someone who you love who’s passed on, whether it’s a family member, friend…or even a dog or pet. Lonely Dub is a perfect ending to a perfectly remixed album.

If you’re not a listener of Joey Calderaio Music, start with this “Dub Collection” to introduce yourself to a reggae-producing genius, who understands the mechanics of evolving one’s sound into what it’s meant to become…whether it’s writing new material or finding a new way to make their original content even better. Stay tuned sometime this year for a monster of a release from this prodigal “Rise Up” Star of Reggae-Rock.


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