REVIEW! Joey Calderaio – Paradise – Review by Jared LaFosse-Baker

Joey Calderaio is a south Florida singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He has shared the stage with many big artists like Ky-Mani Marley, Tribal Seeds, Ballyhoo!, Fortunate Youth, and The Movement. His experience with other musicians doesn’t end with the stage. He has co-produced several singles with Passafire member Ted Browne. His talent placed him with many skilled musicians and this latest single Paradise is going to land him even more success!

His latest single, “Paradise” was created in his home studio where he works his music magic! This track is a classic reggae-pop jam, full of different sonic elements from different musicians including Sierra Lane providing soulful backing vocals. On drums, there’s Jamey “Zeb” Dekosfsky, of Tribal Seeds, supplying heavy hits and on the powerful trumpet Glenn Holdaway who played with Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, and Zak Starkey. All these different sounds combined with Joey on the vocals, guitar, bass, and keys make for a good vibe jam! A song that can get you dancing and thinking.

The lyrics behind this song are something that we can all relate to. It’s about a girl working that classic 9-5 lifestyle and that music is how she escapes it. No matter where you are in life I think we can all relate to a time when we wanted to get away. Whether that need to escape is physical or mental, it doesn’t matter, music can transport us to a better place.

There are many different parts of this song I gravitate towards but my favorite would be the chorus. The fast pace guitar chops and crispy drum hits combined with Sierra and Joey’s vocals really gets my head bobbing. When the horns come in alongside the guitar chords, I just want to jump up and boogie!

I can’t say enough good things about this track. The song is full of skilled musicians who came together to make a great song. Joey is a great songwriter and producer who created a song we can all relate to. So get out there, find your escape, and jam to Paradise available on all streaming services!

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