REVIEW! Joey Calderaio – Runaway Lover

By Jared LaFosse-Baker

Joey Calderaio has been hard at work on new music recently and this latest track, Runaway Lover, is a beautiful example of the fruits of that very hard labor. The song is chock full of that classic Joey reggae dub-style beats along with beefy guitar chords. His guitar and vocal range really come through clearly for me in this track. My favorite part where that’s the most clear is the bridge at the end. This is where all the other instruments cut out and it’s just the guitar, light percussion and his vocals. The clarity and smoothness of this little section really makes me fall in love with this song! 

 The next thing that really stuck out for me was the big trombone and saxophone sections which were done by Quinn Carson (on trombone) and Liam Robertson (on saxophone). Both of those musicians have recorded with Stick Figure so you know they have big time talents. These two musicians bring an energy to the track that you can only get from brass. 

Another aspect that really popped for me was the percussion and that happened to be added by a New England favorit Derrick Carbral from The Elovaters. Not only does Joey have an immaculate talent with recording, but he manages to bring together other extremely talented musicians who happen to meld together really well with each other’s style and his own. 

This song Runaway Lover is another taste of Joey Calderaio’s skills as a musician, recording artist, and overall talent vortex that brings other skilled musicians into his art. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for his fans but till then go out and give Runaway Lover a listen, you won’t be disappointed!

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