Rooted in the mountains of North Carolina, the trio Lua Flora is “a floral mixture of reggae, folk, and world music.” The six year veterans of international performing have traveled extensively far and wide to spread their seeds of positivity at notable venues around the world and have even opened for bands such as Satsang and Dangermuffin.

The band distinguishes themselves on their technical musical style and thought-provoking lyrics. Lua Flora is currently comprised of Evan Button (vocals, guitar), Sean Gorham (bass, charango), and Hinton Edgerton (mandolin, bass, harmony vocals). Their newest single, “Top of the World”, features Sons of Paradise and draws on inspiration from modern acts like SOJA and Trevor Hall with a twist of folk-rock.

“Top of the World” doesn’t hesitate to immediately draw the listener into a portal of pure positivity, with lyrics beginning as soon as you hit play. “Top of the World is about taking a step back from your ego to remember that you are surrounded by love.” Evan Button begins the chemically interwoven production by serenading along with freshly harmonized vocals, as the drums and percussions provided by Parker Stanley and Eli Helms of Sons of Paradise resonate in vibrant dub acoustics, and the guitar sets a perpetual pulse for each verse. The chorus channels a continuous consonance, chemically mixed with dub, compounds into a concoction of the steadiest and smoothest rhythm I have heard recently in contemporary reggae rock.

Matt McClanahan, lead singer of SOP who produced the track at Bassment Lab Studio in Raleigh, NC, provides a deeply calm and lyrically sanguine verse, intersecting the first two opening choruses into a neatly tied bow. The instrumental bridge that follows plunges the listener into a trance of peaceful harmony with the mandolin and acoustic guitar plucking away at your heart-strings! The transition into the final catchy mantra of the track does just as the lyrics suggest…when “love surrounds, brings you right back down.” That feeling of being on “top of the world” is being present in your mind and in your heart, and Lua Flora reminds us how to get there, by dropping that ego and appreciating the love and positivity that encompasses us when we live life in the present moment.

Pre-save “Top of the World” and catch a first-listen before this certified banger releases this Friday 2/19! All pre-savers will be entered to win a 5-Panel Hat!

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