Cruise Control By Over The Bridge (OTB) is the second track released by the boys of OTB off their debut album. This track is very poignant for their second song being that it’s about getting out on the road for the first time and really stretching their legs as a band. The lyrics give the fans a glimpse of what it was like for the boys to set off on their first tour. From the first day they leave talking about the local highways “128 turned into I-95, and when you come around the corner the sun hits your eyes”  and lyrics about home town cities “early in the morning just to miss all the traffic, the sunrise over the Boston skyline it was magic” really gives everyone who hears this song a sense of location and understanding of where they are on this adventure. 

The song tells us about the band’s ability to dive headfirst into the tour life for the first time and succeed. The instrumentals for it display their ability to continuously produce an impressive sound that keeps evolving with each step. For this next step, they were able to work alongside the music and lyrically talented Joe Sambo! That second set of ears really showed with this song. Joe lent his experience recording and producing his own album to the OTB boys for not only this song but the entire album.

The track’s interlude kicks off with a solo crispy reggae muted strumming patterns with a rock effect. Then, drums come in with big baselines that give the song a jamming rock and roll sound. The chorus swoops in with a powerful horns section followed by that same chunky muted strumming pattern with Joe Sambo supporting a second chorus. You find yourself immersed in their journey of touring and it’s done with a big sound that emanates through powerful melodies.

I was fortunate enough to pull Michael Forgette and David James Cambell the two guitarists and vocalist aside to ask them a couple of questions about the single. 


JLB: With this new song being about your first tour, my first question has to be what’s the first step and most important part of planning a tour? 


OTB: Identifying your target market, and potential venues in that area. Once you know where you want to go and have a few solid connections with places for gigs or shows it starts to build itself. DIY touring is all about networking and being out there!


JLB: For your first tour, why did you choose Florida for that run?


OTB: We wanted that sunshine! Mike went to school in Florida and Dave has an uncle there, we had already established connections there and wanted a chance to plant our flag in the South East.


JLB: Does Cruise Control being released at this time have any ties to your winter plans?


OTB: Mike is traveling and gigging Florida solo for January/February while the live music scene in New England sorts itself out. Definitely could see a full-band OTB show or two in the near future in the Sunshine state.


JLB: With 2020 in the rearview mirror is there anything in particular that has either of you excited about for 2021?


OTB: The live music industries triumphant return and resurgence hopefully. Our debut album dropping and with some luck getting the whole band on the road!


JLB: To anyone looking to get out on the road and try tour life for the first time what advice would you give them?


OTB: Just do it. Go for it, why not? Do it now, do it today. Send it, figure it out along the way!

OTB is a band, a group of friends, a family that embarked on a new chapter of their musical career. This new chapter was displayed beautifully with this track. It was only the second song released from their debut album and I can’t wait to hear what’s next!       

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