REVIEW! Over The Bridge – Right Back

By Jared LaFosse-Baker

From a little island off the North Shore Massachusetts sits the town of Gloucester. In that town resides Over The Bridge. They just released their latest single Right Back and it’s a jam! This will be the boys 5th single to be released in anticipation for their debut studio album and it’s a great track. I’ve listened to them play it countless times live and every time they play it, I get goosebumps. I can’t stop grooving and feeling the music, so when I heard their studio version was completed, I knew it would be a hit!

This track has it all: a great build, tasty guitar licks, heavy percussion, and powerful lyrics. The song’s intro opens up with smooth guitar riffs and leads to the verse with the classic soothing lyrics of Mike Forgette. The lyrics talk about things we all struggle with: feeling stuck. But like in the lyrics “Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy,” just realizing that can help. Coming to terms with that struggle and accepting that there are things out of our control can give us better insight to be able to focus on the important things.

This brings us to the chorus where you get a wicked catchy guitar hook from Dave James Campbell that just makes your head bob with each note. After that, we are back in the verse but with more energy from a light bongo drumming that just gives your whole body boogie fever. This verse continues into the next chorus with the instruments getting more intense. Which really demonstrates the build of this song. The chorus ends but we get hit with an epic bridge! 

The bridge of this track is my favorite part. It comes in heavy and big with the conga hits, along with underlying fast bongos all supporting choir background melodies. The power of those hits bring us to the last chorus. The lyrics continue but you can tell everything from the chords to the drums to the power behind the words are growing! It’s all leading to the final chorus where the full drum kit sound comes in with double hits that you can feel down to your bones.

This final chorus is perfect. The enormity of every chord strum and drum hit really gives you the feeling of the journey this song is trying to take you on. It all leads to the outro where all that power and size from that final chorus melts away. You’re left with the same light chord progression from the intro and the lyrics “I’m right back where I started”. Over all, this is a great way to end a song about a journey.

OTB at Wally's NH
OTB Duo Dave and Mike at Wally’s in Hampton Beach, NH photo by Wicked Coast Promotions

I had the privilege of chatting with the boys about this latest single and here’s what they had to say.

  • JLB: The lyrics behind this song are really powerful, what was the message you wanted to convey through this track?
  • OTB: I wrote this song during a tough time in my life. I was really digging in and trying to recognize my own faults to admit and be real about my mistakes and who I am. That inner self work calling yourself in your own BS to grow and learn. I wanted people to listen and know it’s okay to start from square one, to end up right back at the beginning where you started. To keep going.
  • JLB: I love how this song slowly builds to an epicly big end. How did you decide to make this song structured in such a gripping way? 
  • OTB: Mike wrote the song originally acoustic, Dave came up with the catchy guitar lick and originally this was going to be an acoustic song. When we first played it with the band and in pre production the strut tire came together with guidance and input from our producer Joe Sambo who really took the vision of the song and ran with it helping build it up to what it was in its final version.
  • JLB: Like many of your songs, this one is full of different elements and sounds. What is your favorite part of this song?
  • OTB: Dave’s guitar lick is the icing on the cake. The melody just sticks and vibrates with you internally to help carry the message of the song and feeling. The end of the song the big crashing chorus and vocals send it home. 
  • JLB: This is the 5th track you have dropped from the album you recorded last year. Can you share with the fans what kind of vibes they have to look forward to?  
  • OTB: Oh man! 3/5 were top 10 on the iTunes reggae charts on release day. Unbelievably thankful for that.  The rest of the songs are all over the spectrum one almost folky tune, a super jammy track that has some Jerry Garcia vibes, a ska track with wild horns, another chill beach track, and then one old tune off our EP from 2015 that got a facelift and was re done for the album. Much more on the way!

Overall, this is definitely my favorite track OTB has released. It has a great message that I interpreted as being about the acceptance that there are things out of our control. But that really focusing on what’s important to you is the key to happiness. Not only are the lyrics on point, but the instrumentals are epic! The slow build with a powerful ending is a great build for a song.

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