REVIEW! Sons of Paradise – Liberate – Review by Tim Azzarano

Sons of Paradise, a 7-piece dub-reggae band hailing from Raleigh, NC bring you their newest creation, ‘Liberate’. The track was recorded at their brand new studio (Bassment Lab Studio) and it will be released on their indie record label, Bassment Lab Records.

One can almost instantly feel many different musical inspirations and styles of music in the newest single from Sons of Paradise. Opening up with a hip-hop-style delivery of lyrics and the ‘chant’ in the intro is almost hypnotic. Once the bass drops and the dub effects hit, the track immediately sets a trance-like feel. 

There’s no denying how ‘Liberate‘ feels like an anthem and for good reason. “Eyes on the world, Liberate your mind. Rise up and learn, Liberate your mind”.  Sons of Paradise provide meaningful lyrics thoughtfully written with direction; speaking on how only we can change our personal reality; making it a mission to channel inspirations in favor of freedom. Everyone can relate to the fact of wanting to liberate your mind and overcoming internal self-doubt. “Children of the Sun they are rising now. The melody of freedom; come hear the sound. Knocking at your door; the time is now”. You can’t help but notice all of the exquisite tasteful intricacies so masterfully inserted into this new single.  

Outstanding use of percussion gives an Afro-Caribbean vibe and the use of synth keys complements the song very well. Wet reverb guitar skanks fill the time and space with clever ambiance along with appealing clean guitar melody lines. Shadow picking along the bass gives a very hard-hitting feel which really helps draw the listener in as well as beautiful vocal harmonies at times. A quick drum and bass section along with another verse and a lead guitar line leads into a phenomenal dancehall breakdown and really breaks the song up a bit in a good way.

This finally leads into a fascinating lead guitar solo into the outro/chorus. Diego Avilez of Sons of Paradise was the primary lyric writer on the track.  In his words: “Liberate is a message to open up our minds, our ears, and our eyes to the present state of the world. A reminder that the most important thing we have is our mental state and without the liberation of our minds we have nothing at all. In a world that’s so corrupt, so fast to ignore our most essential human needs, it’s up to us to be present and realize where we can say no. That our destiny is our own to choose and dictate. We will never have to sell our souls in order to live fully, we can always rise from the lowest points in our lives.”

“Rise from the ashes and together we can change the world”.

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  1. Super dope track! Excited to hear more from these guys

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