By David Shaw

Raleigh, NC reggae dub rockers, Sons of Paradise, bring the heat once again with their latest collaborative track, Stay Humble! Along with dub-heavy influencer, producer, and multi-talented recording artist E.N Young, sharing the spotlight on the track as a primary artist, SOP continues to light up the national Reggae-Rock scene, with their blazing sound. A topic that is popular within the genre, this song resonates with myself and the listener as a reminder that despite the hate, fear, and negativity directed towards others and in one’s own life in this crazy world of political greed and institutional corruption, we should TRY and do our best to “stay humble,” even if it’s difficult and sometimes you “fumble and tumble” as Young says in his verse.

This track is collaborative song-writing at its best, it’s not only deep lyrically, but it also awakens the listener from the very start with a booming production of an instrumental intro with bandleader Jordan Gee’s synth organ and Diego Avilez’s keys, Parker Stanley’s pounding drums, horns galore with Liam Robertson’s scything sax and Gabe Gotthardt’s (Tribals Seeds) signature blaring trumpet, Logan Maxwell bumpin’ bass, Tommy Quinn’s roaring guitars, and lead singer/rhythm guitarist/bandleader Matt McClanahan rapping and raving with Young. The fun doesn’t stop with the intro, McClanahan, embarks on a spiritual journey of self-love and humility, even when he “cannot see the light” in the first verse and chorus. Young, with his signature “Imperial” sound through his vocals and sublime lyrics on his verse, preaches a powerful prose of positivity. The singers recite a back-and-forth harmony of persuading humility and self-respect…all the while band members rock the flow of the tune in a vigorous array of reggae, dub, and powerful tuneage.

Releasing as a true collaborative single from both artists, this track reflects the happenings of when true monster talents of productive geniuses decide to come together and express their utmost beliefs and exercise their aptitude for musical creativity. A Roots Musician Records amalgamation of Imperial Sound (Young) and Bassment Lab Studio (McClanhan and Gee), released as the ultimate fusion of reggae-rock and dub, Stay Humble, will be a track played on repeat on everyone’s positivity playlist, most definitely on mine. I feel like being reminded to “stay humble” on the daily is an excellent dash of positivity to add to one’s regular routine! This band brings the heat on all their music so check out their catalogue of scorching hits on all streaming services.

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