REVIEW! ZeeCeeKeely – Fightas & Unitahs – Album Review by Jared LaFosse-Baker

ZeeCeeKeely released their latest album Fightahs & Unitahs at a perfect time in our world. With the country as cold, divided, and unsure of the future having uplifting music like this is just what we need! The music fills you with warmth and a sense of energy. ZeeCeeKeely style is a great medley of roots reggae, dance hall style, good old-fashioned rock and roll with a splash of jazz. Their lyrics give the listener messages of respect for one another, reflection, rights for all, and peace. These are lyrics and sounds most of us can relate to giving this band a big and ever-expanding fan base. They started in Tucson Arizona by Zachary C. Keely who throughout his vast music career made many friends that would later form the band. All of the members share a passion for this music and the message it spreads. That message is radiant throughout the ten tracks of this album. I love all the tracks from it and I could write about them all but I want to tell you about three that really stood out for me.

The first track would have to be Beautiful Creation featuring Skabone Stan and Garrett OG. It’s the first track off the album and it really kicks things off. This track’s title along with the message behind it really gives you a sense of what this album is about, welcoming in the beauty of the world around us and not taking it for granted. The track kicks off with a rushing sound like the wind blowing through a cave only to lead into thumping drums, crisp sax, heavy bass, and bubbly keys. Not only are the instrumentals layered perfectly but they are supported with head grooving backup vocals like you would hear in a choir. All the different elements of this track meld perfectly with the lyrics to give the listener a journey through what this band feels about the world around them and what they hope you can now see with them.

The next track for me would be Mercy. This one kicks off with a guitar riff and a smooth drum beat that carries you into the intro verse like a quiet walk in the woods only to find a clearing filled with smooth jazz sax. The rest of the track is full of heavy drums echoing with a rock and roll vibe guitar effect behind lyrics that speak to the earth lover in all of us. At its core this track is about saving the planet and that at the end of the day it’s up to us. One of the many messages this band preaches, but it’s done with layers. One of those layers is towards the ending which is a pure rock guitar solo that shows this band has roots in that classic rock sound.

My last track is Be True. This track has a vibrant dance hall sound supported by soft horns and sharp drums. With the addition of The Late Ones lyricall style gives the track a stronger message of strength and determination to keep sight on what’s important. With this band having roots in dancehall style it was only appropriate to have a track with more dancehall sound but with a ZeeCeeKeely spin. Having smooth keys and even smoother sax sound this track makes you get up and move to the grooves. The vibe with the sound of this one is really uplifting. Talking about keeping focus on what’s important in life and not fighting about everything which is something we have been doing far too much in the last year. The sound of this track really fits with The Late Ones vibe of standing up for unity and equal rights which is something the band believes heavily in.

This album is chock full of great tracks with each one telling a different story of what this band is all about. Throughout it, they displayed their vast musical talents and lyrical skills. ZeeCeeKeely is a band made up of like-minded friends who just want to give the world a fresh perspective on peace, love, and hope for the future. They are doing so through a blend of different cultures and sounds. All of which culminates in this album, so do yourself a favor and check out Fightahs & Unitahs now!

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