Sun-Dried Vibes – Smoke Session – Song Recap/Review – Mark & JB Collab

“Time evolves and it comes to a place where it renews again. There is first a purification time then there is renewal time”

I’ve spent the last week listening to and digesting the lyrics from Sun-Dried Vibes new single “Smoke Session” featuring Eric Rachmany of Rebelution and Jeremy Anderson of Treehouse!. The title of this song can be misleading. Be careful, DO NOT make the mistake of thinking this is just a generic “smoker’s anthem”. Don’t get me wrong; every great band has a banger or two about weed, smoke worthy of sparking a blunt and vibing out to. Certainly I could put one in the air and press play in this case but the song itself is about so much more. The lyrics make you think, they provoke thought. I started thinking about the types of interactions I have while smoking with friends. Sometimes, we joke around. Sometimes we zone out to something on the TV. Sometimes we talk about life. We talk about positivity and we talk about how to be a better person. We dissect the meaning of life and spread encouragement. Usually those are the best conversations with the best people and the best vibes. Spreading love and sharing philosophy amongst good people; it doesn’t get any better than that. Let these words sink in- “Self-reflection and forward progression. Positive thoughts can teach us a lesson.  Discovered in the form of self-expression. Best unveiled over a smoke session”.

This is a song that has a theme of progression, self-knowledge, and learning. This was the song we needed. Its so easy in the modern day to get caught up in negative news; it’s all over social media spreading depressing and distracting vibes . Let’s take a moment to appreciate some genuinely positive art from some amazing and talented people.

In the first verse, Jeremy Anderson of Treehouse! absolutely shines. His rhythm and melody are on point and his message is clear. He speaks of a better world and a change to come; a change stemming from within. A life where we embrace change and aren’t afraid to be grateful for the blessings we’ve been given. As Anderson says, “Try to consider it, share in our experience”.

The second verse opens up with Zach Fowler proclaiming “as the smoke starts to settle, I feel that this is special, no longer bound by thoughts in which I wrestle”. This line resonates with me on another level. As a person who has spent most of my life battling depression and anxiety this line is exactly how I feel when I partake in a session. All of my worries and dark thoughts are overtaken by the moment in which I get lost in the positive vibes that a session brings me. Fowler wraps up his verse with “A smoke session will lesson our concerns, Try to consider it, share in our experience.” I feel you Zach and I appreciate what you’re doing with this song.

The song wraps up with a verse from bona fide living legend Eric Rachmany of Rebelution. Eric paints such a vivid picture with his words; he is truly a poet and has officially cemented his place on my list of “top 5 people dead or alive I would like to smoke a joint with”. I’m just going to go ahead and quote his whole verse so you can capture the entire feeling that I did. “No better time than in the present. To close my eyes, yeah deep inside, capture the essence. This is my time that I can soak in the sensation. Collect my thoughts, and then wake my imagination. When the fire burns, we’ll take our turn. Exhaling all my hesitations and concerns. Experience out of body and when I return. A greater presence, every day we live and learn…”

In addition having the vision to create such a powerful song, they have also made sure that their message will make it to the people. Sun-Dried Vibes has officially premiered the music video through High Times Magazine; a brilliant collab. There isn’t a more respected brand in cannabis culture than High Times; an iconic magazine and an extraordinary avenue to spread good music and positivity. The blend of fire lyrics, a visually stunning video, and powerful collaboration… I couldn’t ask for more as a fan of this genre. Kudos to everyone involved for writing such a different and powerful song and promoting it in a way where they should reach an all new audience. I, for one, can’t wait to see the guys at the Surrounded By The Sound Music Festival over the Labor Day weekend!

Until then…

“We were told that we would see America come and go and in a sense America is dying from within. Because we forgot the instructions on how to live on earth.”

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