“Music is not about perfect every time, it’s about a vibe”. This is the statement that eases you into the experience of “Full Immersion”, the third studio album by the South Carolina based psychedelic reggae-rock band Treehouse! Perfection was never the goal but the vibes on this 11-track album, from start to finish, are undeniably flawless.

Lead vocalist Jeremy Anderson aka Positive J has a powerful voice, a propensity to experiment with different sounds, and a gift for writing uplifting lyrics. The band itself consists of Trey Moody on drums, Joe Harley on key & vocals, as well as Chris Hat on bass. Jeremey is not the only powerful voice on this album as it features some amazing collaborations with artists like James Begin from Tropidelic, Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth, Oogee Wawa, and Austin Smith from Roots of a Rebellion.

As you become fully immersed in this album the mellow & smooth southern roots reggae-rock sound helps each song flow perfectly into the next. Anyone familiar with the Treehouse! sound will not be disappointed as they stay true to their roots but also show the band’s evolution; the result is powerful. Each song is well thought out, well-produced, polished, and designed with intent; a recipe for a timeless album. The pace never slows down due to the contrast between high energy motivational thought-provoking songs like “Infinite Grind” or “Culture Shock” and that down-south Carolina smooth mellow vibe exemplified in “Healing Rock” and “One Life”. Songs like “The Wildman” and “Waiting on the Sunrise” stand up on their own as instant additions to any playlist designed to lively up a party.


Another shinning element of the Treehouse! sound is the message in the music.

All throughout this album, Positive J delivers nuggets of ancient wisdom in the form of Rastafarian influenced life affirmations. I and I will overcome! It is impossible to listen to “Full immersion” without feeling as though your frequency has been elevated. Jeremey, Trey, Joe, and Chris all put a tremendous amount of work into creating a beautiful piece of art that has the potential to help shape human consciousness for the better. This album has no weakness and it lends itself to be played on repeat at high volume. This is a must-listen. Personally, I cannot wait to see them on tour or crushing festival season. Please show your love and support and check out “Full Immersion” released today on all platforms.




01. Prayer for the Day

02. Culture Shock feat. James Begin of Tropidelic

03. Natural High feat. Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth

04. Waiting on the Sunrise feat. Oogee Wawa

05. Overcome

06. One Life feat. Sin.Dex

07. The Rock Doctor

08. Healing Rock

09. Infinite Grind feat. Austin Smith of Roots of a Rebellion

10. When I Go

11. The Wildman


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