Video Premiere! Edjacated Phools – Alive and Well (Official Music Video) Review by JB

A good video complements a good song like ice in a bong. Sticking with that analogy, Edjacated Phools just dropped a couple frosty cubes in our glass chamber to give us an extra milky hit.  Check out this premiere of the accompanying video to their first single off of their upcoming 2nd studio album. The visuals in this video are crazy. It starts off with the image we’ve learned to associate with this emerging band, a skull with a Maryland bandana covering its face.

From the moment this video starts you are taken on a visual journey that features some brilliant street art; sit back and enjoy. It’s not just the fire graphics, the message in the music is what sets this song apart but the combination of various musical styles, rhythms, and tempo is what makes it an absolute banger. This is nothing new for these guys as they are known for their unique ability to seamlessly blend reggae vibes, rock riffs, punk attitude, hip-hop flows, and ska undertones. One moment you will be bobbing your head to some familiar reggae vibes then, without notice, you’ll be head banging to some metal inspired guitar.

Watch the video, move to the music, and pay attention to the lyrics; this track delivers it all.  “Taking it in stride, getting more than what I bargained for, I feel it inside, begging for what I’m waiting for…” Personally I can’t wait to see what is in store for us with the album release but this dank track should hold us over for now.

The video, directed by CJ Mata, features the talents of Baltimore-based artist Danny Lorden. Lorden’s concept was to spray paint a mural of the band name on two sides of a building at Graffiti Alley, which is located in downtown Baltimore. Featuring time-lapse footage shot and edited by Mata, the band helped with the spray painting and appears in the video, with Nick Hatzis and Kyle Sappington singing and rapping their lyrics, and fellow band mates Devin Barone, Logan Sappington, Tyler Garrison, and Ben Yancheski pitching in with painting and playing some of their instruments.

Alive and Well was produced by Drew Mazurek who has mixed Linkin Park and Jawbox.

Music video director: CJ Mata

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