Wasted Noise ‘A Few Good Friends’ Review by Mark Lemay

Every once in a while, a band storms into the scene with music that’s relatable, catchy, and different. Songs that stick with you long after you hear them. One such band is Wasted Noise. After listening to their first studio recorded album, ‘‘A Few Good Friends’, I find myself singing these songs in my head throughout the day. These guys are no joke. Wasted Noise brings a sound so refreshing that I’m giving them my official seal of approval; they should be on everyone’s radar. The infectious guitar riffs and vocals rip through your speakers with unmatched energy. The guitar solos from Rueben really separate them from the pack. That sound combined with the energy of songs like, “A Few Good Friends”, “Got What Ya Need”, and “I Wanna Love You”, are sure to be played often when throwing a few back with your friends or singing your heart out in your car.

Salias, CA Wasted Noise Reggae

The six-piece reggae-rock group out of Salinas, California is all about the positive energy, and it’s heard throughout the album. “Looking forward in life and just staying positive overall. That’s what we want people to feel when they listen to our music or come watch us live,” says Kyle, lead singer. ‘A Few Good Friends‘ offers nine perfectly interwoven songs inspired by the likes of Pennywise, Sublime, Bob Marley, Stone Temple Pilots, Mad Caddies, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. Are you noticing a theme here? And whathat you get is a diverse sound that is clearly inspired by the aforementioned bands, but still staying true to their Salinas roots, Wasted Noise delivers their own unique sound.

Wasted Noise’s new album, aptly titled “A Few Good Friends” is the bands first full studio recorded album. Aaron Rauber recorded six of the tracks at Tool Shed Studios in Silicon Valley. The band stayed at the Tool Shed for over two days to finish off the tracks to get the sound they wanted for their soon to be EP. While recording there, the band received a phone call that changed the direction and plans for the EP. The fellas ended up at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute in San Jose, recorded three more tracks and decided to turn this EP into their debut studio album.

Once all nine songs were recorded, Rauber mixed and mastered them, and their album was now ready for the world. The band kicked things off with the catchy single, “I Wanna Love You” which you can find on Reggae 360’s “Turn It UP” Spotify playlist.

‘A Few Good Friends’ was officially released on April 15th. It can be found on all of your favorite streaming platforms.




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Standout Songs:

Got What Ya Need

A Few Good Friends

Just Another Day

I Wanna Love You

That’s What I’m Feelin Like

Real Love





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