Welcome to Tropidelic’s Snow Country

Cleveland may be best known as the “mistake by the lake,” but the success of Cleveland-based Tropidelic’s latest album Here in the Heights is no accident. Released last month through Ineffable Music Group, these 10 tracks showcase Tropidelic’s growth and versatility. With perceptible influences of a myriad of genres, including pop, rap, funk, reggae, ska, and more, this release was sure to vibe well with their longstanding fanbase, while also extending their appeal to new listeners across the music spectrum.

This six-piece continues to evolve their style and raise the bar for themselves through their music, both compositionally and lyrically. However, Tropidelic is also known for not taking themselves too seriously. Both of these facts ring true with the first track on Here in the Heights, “Snow Country.” This song pays homage to both their hometown and their life of the road. It gives a nod to the struggle – and mostly the weather – in a fun way, while also proving that maybe, just maybe, ska isn’t dead.

Check out the lyric video for “Snow Country” that just dropped today, and give the full album a listen on Spotify. Whether it’s the playful seasonal references or the in-your-face horn line, this tune ­is sure to make you smile; especially with animation that is perfecting attuned to the music. Let’s all ease up on Cleveland, they have at least one great thing to offer.

Check out Tropidelic’s upcoming tour dates, including Farmula Fest and more here.

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