ZION I To Release New Single “WLCM (future)” on 9/4

Bay-area hip-hop legend Zion I is taking another step forward releasing his first single of 2020, “WLCM (future)”. It may be his first single of the year, but Zion I has been in the lab cooking up new music and he has committed to dropping a new track on the first Friday of each month through November. We hear he may be following up on the last single with a new album. Also, a new single with a major collab will be out within the next couple of months. Good things coming for Zion I!

Here is what Zion I had to say about recording during the pandemic and his inspiration for “WLCM”:

“During these strange days, we are being encouraged to neglect the essence of who we are as human beings. We are a social species, yet we are told to stay away from one another and to be suspicious of one another because of a so-called pandemic. With that said, what are we actually dealing with in this strange moment is a collective shadow moment.  We are coming to terms with the darkness within so that we can come into the light that has been awaiting us for quite some time. WLCM (future) encourages the listener to see what isn’t being said and to draw their own conclusions about reality. It is my belief that we have the God-given right to determine our own fate.”

Powerful insight from Zumbi and this reflection certainly comes across on the four-minute and five-second track appropriately titled, “WLCM (future)”. Get those pre-sale and pre-saves in to be the first to hear the latest from Zion I!



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